I Think I’ve Discovered An Infinity Stone Connection

Joe and Anthony Russo helped answer a lot of questions that people had about Avengers: Endgame but one thing they never cleared up was a particularly strange moment that happened toward the end of Infinity War. Let me explain.


After Thanos does the Infinity Snap, hence wiping out half of all life, he goes to this otherworldly realm where he sees his daughter Gamora at the same age she was when he first met her. Gamora asks him a simple question.

“Did you do it?”

He responds sadly, knowing that his mission was only successful because he killed her, “Yes.”

Gamora seems on the verge of tears, not upset because he killed her but instead it seems she’s disappointed. Disappointed in the idea that he would be willing to sacrifice something he loved so dearly to do so much harm.

This sequence has always intrigued me because it felt like there was a deeper meaning to that scene and yet Endgame didn’t help elaborate on that scene, nor did the Russo Brothers. And yet, I think I’ve found at least a piece of the answer to this strange scene.


Last night while watching Guardians of the Galaxy I noticed a powerful potential connection to Infinity War. It’s the sequence when Star-Lord is holding the Power Stone and they defeat Ronan. As Peter Quill is slowly decaying Gamora reaches out to him.

“Take my hand!” she screams.

He looks to her and in his dying state, he sees his mother.


There she is, the person he loves most, in the most pivotal moment in his life. Around him, the cosmos swirl and he is lost in this otherworldly realm. Seeing this, I immediately drew the connection to Infinity War.

You see, both Thanos and Star-Lord used the Infinity Stones and the stones, because of their immense power, brought Thanos and Peter Quill to nearly dying. In these near-death moments, they both saw the people they loved the most and the striking memories that involved those loved ones that struck them the hardest.

For Thanos, his most powerful memory of Gamora was when she was still that innocent girl he met on her home planet. The planet he destroyed. For Peter Quill, it was his mother on the verge of death in her deathbed at the hospital.

Of course, this is just a theory of mine but I feel that I might have hit something really powerful that may turn into something even bigger come future movies in the MCU. Who knows.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day.

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