Throwback Friday: Who Are You Most Excited to See Face Thanos in ‘Avengers: Endgame’?

When I last wrote this post, Avengers: Endgame was coming out in five days (four, if you count seeing it on Thursday night.) Now, looking back, it’s hilarious to see how off I was about some of the confrontations and how right I was about some of the other showdowns. So, for this week’s Throwback Friday, I thought this would be the perfect post to revisit. Enjoy!

The moment is almost upon us. Eleven years of storytelling will culminate into one epic three-hour-long event that is set up to be the blockbuster movie event of the decade (it obviously was considering that it’s now the highest-grossing film of all time.) There are so many things to get excited for with this Avengers finale but one of the imminent elements to the film is the showdown between the surviving heroes and the all-mighty antagonist, Thanos.

With so much secrecy surrounding the film, it’s clear that the movie will have some outstanding moments. So, on that note, here are the potential showdowns to get excited for.



Rocket has had a dark past. He was genetically mutated into the creature that we see before us but he buries down those sad memories through his humor and his scoundrelly ways. Now, with his best friend, Groot, turned to dust, he is looking for revenge. Thanos better watch out.



Valkyrie has experienced a terrible loss before at the hands of the powerful villainess, Hela and now she has had to deal with the grief of losing those she cares about again via Thanos. When Thanos attacked she managed to escape along with the half of Asgardians who Thanos spared. When she returns to the fight she’s going to give Thanos quite a bit of trouble.

General Okoye


Okoye has been in many battles but none as devastating as the one versus Thanos. With her king and best friend dead she will certainly play an important role in defeating Thanos for good.

War Machine


Colonel Rhodes’ biggest priority is keeping the citizens of the world safe. He may have failed along with the other heroes but with his friend Iron Man returning it’s almost certain he’s going to give Thanos a little more trouble than last time.



Thor had him. With a better throw of his mighty ax, the Stormbreaker, he could’ve prevented The Snap. But he didn’t and now the weight of his mistakes rests on his shoulders. Will he miss the perfect strike this time? Thankfully we don’t have long to find out.



Nebula has always hated Thanos for his cruel treatment of her but now that he has killed the only friend she had in the world, her sister, her anger is greater. Hopefully her quest for revenge will end on a happy note.

Black Widow


Black Widow is going to do whatever it takes to try to fix the mistakes of the past and save the world. Will she perish trying, I surely hope not?



Hawkeye lost his whole family. Now he’s a masked vigilante who goes by the name Ronin. With him returning to fight alongside The Avengers to defeat Thanos it’s pretty clear that he is going to fight to his last breath (if need be) to make Thanos pay for the pain he has brought him.



The last time we saw Ant-Man he was trapped in the quantum realm. When he returns to the world he’s going to find quite a rude awakening. And if his daughter Cassie also became a victim of The Snap that’s going to be even harder for him to handle. Maybe that theory about Ant-Man and Thanos will come true. Lol.

(If you don’t know what theory I’m talking about just search it. It’s hilarious.)



Will Wong join the fight? Well, he’s busy protecting the New York Sanctum. But if he does he’s definitely going to give Thanos a run for his money, especially that his good friend Doctor Strange ended up perishing.

Bruce Banner/The Hulk


Bruce Banner wasn’t able to turn back into The Hulk after his ultimate beatdown in Avengers: Infinity War. Will he give Thanos a little bit of the classic “Hulk Smash” in Endgame? I surely hope so.

Captain America


Since before he was “Captain America” Steve Rogers’ goal in life was to protect people. Even though his body wasn’t made for war his resolve and his determination to fight for those who couldn’t fight for themselves was steadfast, leading him to become the first Super Soldier. Time and time again he has fought in battles that could have easily led to the enemy winning but somehow he, and his fellow Avengers, have always prevailed. Now, with The Avengers losing, his only mission is to right the mistakes of the past and save the world, otherwise, he would die a slow, miserable death knowing that he failed so many people.

Captain Marvel


Captain Marvel is the most powerful Avenger. When she gets her hands on Thanos, well, it’s going to be ugly. 🙂

Iron Man


Iron Man has foreseen the arrival of Thanos since the Battle of New York. When face to face with Thanos last time he, and his fellow heroes, were defeated. This time, however, I just have the feeling that Iron Man is going to do something incredibly heroic that’s going to be so awesome and leave Thanos absolutely flabbergasted.

So, of these fourteen heroes who are you most excited to see face Thanos? There are of course the obvious choices like Captain America and Iron Man, but for me, I’m really eager to see both Hawkeye and Captain Marvel fight Thanos.

Hawkeye’s story in this Avengers film is such an emotionally impactful and compelling storyline that I have a feeling when he finally does meet Thanos face to face it’s going to be a powerful moment.

And Captain Marvel is just…a beast. She is so extraordinarily powerful and I absolutely can’t wait to see how shocked Thanos is when he tries to fight her. It’s going to be AWESOME!

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day.

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