QI’RA: Opening Words

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…


ALL her life, Qi’ra has had to survive. Whether it be on the dank streets of Corellia or in the glamorous setting of First Light, finding the will to make it to each coming day requires great skill and smarts.

She thought her past had been left behind, swallowed up in the unfortunate bad luck that sweeps upon most criminals daring to escape and fly among the stars. And then Han stepped back into her life.

He was now a smuggler. An agent of the criminal underbelly. A “bad guy.” But underneath that crooked facade was a good man. A good man that Qi’ra refused to see corrupted by the system.

So, she did what she had to. She killed Dryden Vos and, with a heavy heart, betrayed Han, leaving him to embrace an uncertain fate. What she will find on Dathomir, she does not know but one thing she is certain of. She will survive.

Because she always has…

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