The Reasons Why ‘Iron Man 3’ Is and Isn’t a Pointless Installment in the MCU

Iron Man 3. Like Thor: The Dark World, it’s a forgotten and seemingly pointless installment in the MCU. Its villain, The Mandarin, is one of the more unforgettable antagonists in the franchise. And Tony’s storyline moving forward barely feels affected by the plot points that are presented in the film.

I don’t watch Iron Man 3 often but after seeing Endgame I wanted to go back and look at the Marvel films I’m less familiar with, one of those films, of course, being Iron Man 3.


Iron Man 3 isn’t exactly a terrible movie but compared to the other two Iron Man films it almost feels like a travesty. With a villain that’s almost more comical than intimidating in The Mandarin and a storyline that’s trying too hard to be grave plus evolve Tony’s character despite the fact that he’s pretty much the same person by the end of the film that he was at the beginning, Iron Man 3 isn’t anywhere near the enjoyable status of my favorite Marvel movies.

And yet, it’s not entirely a pointless film. In fact, it’s almost kind of fascinating to look back at for a couple of really intriguing storylines, one of course being Pepper’s ascension to being a superhero. Continue reading The Reasons Why ‘Iron Man 3’ Is and Isn’t a Pointless Installment in the MCU

Will ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ Be the Most Romantic Installment in the Saga?

George Lucas described his epic space opera as being very similar to a soap opera and honestly, his words seem more palpable than ever.

In the Prequel and Original Trilogy, the romantic relationships were very simple. There was Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala and Han Solo and Princess Leia. The Sequel Trilogy has been a barrage of romantic possibilities. With different writers telling different stories between these characters, and each film not cementing a romantic relationship, The Rise of Skywalker is looking to be a romantic minefield of relationships that’ll have to play along with the adventure and drama which will ultimately culminate into, what the actors and J.J Abrams are saying, will be a “satisfying” conclusion.

Could this be a problem for the overall story of The Rise of Skywalker? I mean, just look at this slideshow. Continue reading Will ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ Be the Most Romantic Installment in the Saga?

QI’RA: Chapter Nineteen

Old Friend, New Enemy

As soon as Dart landed the ship was bombarded by blaster fire but as Qi’ra charged from the craft, her blaster in hand, a passing ship overhead took care of the enemy forces immediately facing them. She continued forward, her gaze absorbing the burning buildings covered in long banners providing bursts of color through the soot and ash left behind by the fires. Her army of warriors, led by herself, T-38, and Nienye, followed close behind while her ships continued to fly overhead, providing aerial support. Continue reading QI’RA: Chapter Nineteen