QI’RA: Chapter Twenty-Three

Darth Maul’s Praise

Qi’ra stood in a long corridor aboard her ship, Night Shade, her hands clasped behind her back. She was now clad in a simple black tunic with matching pants and boots, her gleaming jewelry adding a bit of flair to her outfit. In the room behind her, T-38 was being tended to, and in front of her sat a window displaying the blue streaks of hyperspace.

They were heading back to Polaris, their retrieved cargo of coaxium stowed away in the ship’s belly. That was the good news. The bad news; many of her female-guard personnel had perished in the endeavor and T-38 had almost been yet another number to the casualties. Qi’ra wanted to pretend that she didn’t care, that it was a price worth paying knowing that the mission had indeed been successful, but Qi’ra knew the truth. Her recklessness nearly caused all of their lives and she knew, deep down, this would be the outcome. She had simply chosen Crimson Dawn, and in essence, Darth Maul, over the people who served her every day. Continue reading QI’RA: Chapter Twenty-Three

A New Ice Cream Experience

Ice cream. I love ice cream! I like to think of myself as an ice cream connoisseur. Chocolate is my favorite go-to flavor. Cookies and cream is my favorite guilty pleasure flavor of all time. Whenever I get the chance to have ice cream I take it and enjoy the delicious iced sweet, flavored cream that makes me smile every time I eat it (unless it’s Neopolitan ice cream which I will skip every time.)

So, yesterday, while taking a brief trip to Chapel Hill, NC, the home of the utterly beautiful University of North Carolina (which is the college I am TOTALLY going to when I finally take my step in that direction), I was walking down Franklin Street with my mother and sister and low and behold we ran into an intriguing ice cream place called Ice & Lab.

Entering the ice cream shop, I expected it to be like every other ice cream place I’d ever been to but it wasn’t long before I realized it was immediately a different sort of place. Being the ice cream fan that I am, I picked the flavor (King Kong Island–it’s vanilla ice cream with banana and oreos…yum) and the guy made it.

This wasn’t your average ice cream shop because the ice cream is rolled. It’s a new trend that’s popping up all over the country to offer people new and exciting experiences with one of America’s favorite summertime treats; ice cream. Originating from Southeast Asia, rolled ice cream has become a countrywide phenomenon and, wanting to eventually go to a rolled ice cream-serving place, finding Ice & Lab was SO exciting!

We were able to watch the man make the rolled ice cream (which was fascinating, I was so fascinated in fact that I forgot to take a video or pictures of the exciting feat) and then we were given the ice cream to enjoy. Continue reading A New Ice Cream Experience

What’s Your Favorite Rey Look?

For every iconic Star Wars character, there is a specific style that allows us to immediately recognize who that character is. Rey’s style is very specific and flows throughout the trilogy, making her a perfect candidate for today’s segment of this series. Enjoy!

The Scavenger Outfit


Rey's Quarterstaff

In The Force Awakens, we see Rey wearing this classic scavenger look which is surprisingly simple but utterly perfect. The sandy shades of browns throughout the outfit immediately convey that she lives on a sandy planet, the tank top and capris for pants reiterate the clear fact that Jakku is really hot, and the wraps convey her attention to survival, as she can survive sandstorms with these wraps to help protect her mouth and nostrils.

And the Three Knobs are perfect, immediately becoming an iconic Star Wars hairstyle.

The genius of this outfit is its double effect, for it partly resembles a dress because of the wraps and then it immediately becomes a tactical adventure outfit because of the shirt, pants, and boots.

I also love that the sleeves on her arms allow her to be covered up without too much skin showing, providing her a classiness that the franchise has always afforded the female characters in these movies. Continue reading What’s Your Favorite Rey Look?