The Dark Knight Lives (FIVE)

Commissioner Gordon was speeding down the street in his police car, Lieutenant Lynx swaying wildly in the passenger seat as he swerved through traffic. A call had just come in about a brutal murder scene in an abandoned courthouse down in Old Gotham. He wanted him and his unit to get down there before the news channels arrived to report on the crime scene which would surely send the city’s inhabitants into greater discourse.

It only took two minutes to get the courthouse but for Gordon, it felt like forever. Before the car had even fully come to a stop Lieutenant Lynx was getting out of the car, her handheld gun unholstered and at the ready as she made her way to the stranded building.

Commissioner Gordon brought the car to a full stop before getting out of the vehicle himself, following along after her along with the several police officers that had accompanied them in their own separate police vehicles.

They reached the closed door of the courthouse and paused outside. Lynx nodded at Gordon who in turn nodded back before busting into the forsaken establishment.

The first thing that hit them was the harsh, acrid stench of burning bodies. The police officers began to cough and gag as they walked further into the courthouse, bombarded by the incredible stench.

Commissioner Gordon held his hand up for the officers to stop.

“Go back outside,” he told them. “Create a perimeter. Make sure no one gets close to this place.”

The officers nodded, heeding his orders, before willingly hurrying out of the courthouse. Gordon and Lynx shared another look before continuing into the stinking building, their guns at the ready.

As they reached the room where the smell was strongest Gordon looked at Lynx one more time.

“Whatever’s behind this door, are you going to be able to handle it?” he asked.

She looked at him, her dark eyebrows knotted, but her expression was determined. “I’ll be able to handle it.”

He nodded grimly before busting open the door. Immediately their eyes focused on the pile of burning bodies in the middle of the vast courtroom. Next, they noticed Robin, who obviously had reached the crime scene before them. His back was turned to them as he knelt by the body of one man who hadn’t been lucky enough to join the burning pile. Against the backdrop of the fiery blaze, his red-orange cape almost seemed to meld with the colors of the crime scene.

Lynx couldn’t help herself. The carnage and smell made her gag. Commissioner Gordon’s nose wrinkled as he moved forward, his gaze taking in the room, instantly looking for clues.

Robin stood, turning to look at Gordon. His lips were drawn in a grim line and the bottom half of his body and cape were coated in the dead man’s blood.

“It was Crane,” Robin announced morbidly.

Gordon’s eyes squinted in disbelief. “Doctor Jonathan Crane?”

“Scarecrow,” Robin confirmed.

He held out his hand and when Gordon looked down there was a business card held between his fingers. Gordon took the card, flipping it over, and gasped when he saw the penguin on its front. His gaze rose to meet Robin’s.

“The Penguin is coming,” they said in unison.

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