QI’RA: Chapter Forty-One

Qi’ra knew Nienye was behind the ambush. Why he turned on her, she couldn’t understand. She had never treated him poorly and they seemed to have a close relationship. And yet, he had betrayed her and T-38 was dead because of his traitorous actions.

The tears she shed had reached its end. Now she was filled with an anger that burned like a coal inside her stomach. Continue reading QI’RA: Chapter Forty-One

The Dark Knight Lives (FOUR)

Doors in an abandoned courthouse open and in strides The Penguin, his cane’s patented tapping against the crackled marble floor echoing throughout the deserted building. Behind him strides the mesmerizing brown-skinned woman, Harley Quinn who strolls with that constant maniacal smile on her face, and his gang of soldiers who went by the name of The Flock.

He walked through the various halls of the courthouse before finding himself in front of a room that he quickly entered. In the room, stands nearly a dozen criminals. They are clad in rugged clothing laced with knives, grenades, smoke bombs, and bullets. Their silent gazes followed him, the large rifles in their hands conveying their seriousness. Sitting in the middle of the room is Doctor Jonathan Crane but most people knew him for his true alias in Gotham; the Scarecrow. Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (FOUR)

Which Recent Spider-Man Movie Is the Best Spider-Man Movie?

Spider-Man is a character who has been on the big screen in an exciting way for nearly two decades now. First we had the Tobey Macguire Spider-Man trilogy that featured the character in a way that fans of the hero enjoyed. Then Andrew Garfield had two Spider-Man films that weren’t received with as much praise. In fact, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was so horrendous that it seemed we wouldn’t get another Spider-Man movie for a very long while.


Then, boom, in 2016 we get one of the most exciting superhero debuts in the MCU with Spider-Man making his first appearance in Captain America: Civil War. He became an immediate fan-favorite as Tom Holland’s rendition of the character brought a perfect youthful energy that hadn’t been properly conveyed on the big screen before.

And then, last year, Sony delivered a powerful cinematic debut to a new version of the character in Miles Morales. So powerful, in fact, that Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse won an Oscar and Golden Globe for Best Animated Film and is rated #60 on the list of top 250 movies on IMDb.

In short, we’ve had a lot of Spider-Man in the last few years and after seeing Spider-Man: Far from Home three times now I feel that I can definitively choose which recent Spider-Man flick is the best so far. Continue reading Which Recent Spider-Man Movie Is the Best Spider-Man Movie?

Ranking All of Black Widow’s Hairstyles; from Worst to Best

Throughout the MCU the characters have evolved in more ways than one. At one time Thor had the dazzling golden locks (or dazzling golden wig.) Then he had short hair. And then he was, in lamer terms, fat. These heroes and heroines have become different people over the course of the MCU and one of the greatest evolving characters is Black Widow. Her evolution is literally shown through the journey of her hairstyles. From long and curly to blond and cropped, Black Widow’s hair has had quite the evolution and this evolution will continue to evolve even in her standalone film which is set to arrive next May.

With that in mind, I will surely have to update this list after Black Widow, but for now, here’s my ranking of her hairstyles from worst to best.

10. Curl-tastic


I love Black Widow’s role in Iron Man 2 but her hairstyle during her off-the-chain action sequence in the film is a little…distracting. I understand that her hair was like this at this particular part because she had just pulled it out of a bun so it fell around her face in these curls but like I said before, it was distracting away from how awesome she really is. Continue reading Ranking All of Black Widow’s Hairstyles; from Worst to Best

QI’RA: Chapter Forty


Qi’ra and T-38 burst into the front room of the suite to discover a man cloaked in black waiting for them, a small gang of eight black robots with red eyes wielding daggers in their hands at his back.

There wasn’t a chance to assess what was about to happen. Instead, Qi’ra and T-38 attacked immediately. Continue reading QI’RA: Chapter Forty

The Dark Knight Lives (THREE)

Commissioner Gordon paces in the infirmary located within the depot, his hands clasped behind his back and his aged face lined with hardship. He walks back and forth in front of a room where the man that was found naked in the street is being tended to.

He’d seen many insane individuals during his time in Gotham but still, he had never seen anything quite like this, and it worried him. Gotham was a dark place crawling with criminals ready to make a name for themselves. And without Batman around to stop them… Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (THREE)