The Dark Knight Lives (TWENTY)

Nighttime had fallen on Gotham and for the city’s criminal lowlifes, this was the time they came out to play, like nocturnal raccoons looking for trash.

Katherine Kane knew this. It was why she was perched on the stairs of a fire escape in her very own neighborhood watching for any criminal activity. A gust of crisp wind rolled through the night and she found herself unable to prevent from shuddering. She wondered if Batman ever got this cold when doing hero duty. Maybe that’s why he had a cape. As another fierce gust of wind cut straight through her black suit she held her arms close to her body. Yeah, maybe she needed to add a cape to this outfit of hers. Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (TWENTY)

Disney Releases Three New Trailers for Three Exciting New Films Next Year

Disney is taking over. Yes, I mean it, literally. They are taking over the cinema, tv channels, everything seems to be under Disney these days. Disney consumes much of our expectations when it comes to films we want to see in the movie theaters everywhere, from the animated children’s films to the neverending Marvel movies, Disney is dominating our yearly entertainment.

In the past week, Disney has revealed three new trailers ahead of Maleficent: Mistress of Evil for three of the company’s films arriving next year: Dolittle starring our very own Robert Downey Jr., Onward starring Chris Pratt and Tom Holland, and Jungle Cruise starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. Here are the trailers.


This was a complete surprise that popped up on Sunday as Disney unveiled a new live-action film to obsess over; Dolittle. Robert Downey Jr. sheds away his Iron Man suit to become a new hero and it’s very clear from the trailer, it’s going to be pretty darn good if I say so myself.

This is a must-watch for families this January.

Arrives January 17, 2020. Continue reading Disney Releases Three New Trailers for Three Exciting New Films Next Year

If Only She Could Tell the Truth: Part 2

Han’s eyebrows creased. “Qi’ra, you used to be able to tell me anything and you still can. I’m not the kid you knew Qi’ra. I’ve grown. I can take it.”

Qi’ra laughed. “You’ve grown? Han, you’re the same person I knew on Corellia. I can see it in your eyes. In the way, you look at me…”

He pulled her closer. “And is that so wrong?” Continue reading If Only She Could Tell the Truth: Part 2