Throwback Friday: What Can the Next Trailer for ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ Possibly Show Us?

For both The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, we weren’t given trailers in August to enjoy, making the marketing for The Rise of Skywalker a touch bit different than last time as we were given new footage with the D23 Special Look. In case, you’ve forgotten how awesome it was let this remind you.

While this new footage was expectedly cryptic it still felt like we were seeing way more than we ought to know with Dark Rey appearing at the end to blow the Star Wars fandom’s socks off.

The new footage was so interesting in fact that I almost feel like I don’t want an official second trailer in October, lest we learn even more juicy details about the film. But that’s the thing. With the first teaser revealing Palpatine via his iconic cackle and the second trailer highlighting a potential Evil Rey what can the next trailer possibly show us to top that? Kylo Ren with a green lightsaber fighting Palpatine?!

Like I said before, I almost wish we didn’t have to see another trailer because I’m already beyond excited to see the movie but another trailer we will get regardless. So, what can this next trailer provide us that we haven’t already been given? Well, for this week’s Throwback Friday, I’m here to share a few ideas that could make the second The Rise of Skywalker trailer an utter blast to watch.

More Shots with Rey, Finn, and Poe Together


Clearly it’s been exciting seeing this trio of major sequel trilogy characters together on what appears to be a massive adventure and more shots of them as a team will only make us happier.

We Need To See Rose!


Throughout the marketing for The Last Jedi there was no sign of Rose.


Even on the poster she is shown at a super small size, making one believe that her role in the film will be small when in actuality she was a major character of the story. So major in fact that she has crossed over into The Rise of Skywalker.


So far, like with The Last Jedi, we have only seen her in a picture for Star Wars Celebration despite the fact that she’s an important character in this story. If she, once again, isn’t afforded any time in the next trailer I will be very irked (and disappointed.)

Zorri Bliss, Please!


Zorri Bliss is already an intriguing character with her clearly awesome and destined-to-be-worn-by-tons-of-Star-Wars-fans-for-cosplay outfit and her past relationship with Poe so it would be nice to see this character in motion for at least one clip of the trailer.

Luke Skywalker Returns


Luke Skywalker is back to grace the Star Wars galaxy with his presence and I think it would be a great thing to not just hear him but see him in this second trailer being the awesome Force Ghost that we know he can be.

More Kylo Ren


Kylo Ren is an awesome character. I mean, awesome with a capital A. In the first teaser for The Last Jedi we didn’t see him much but the second trailer gave us more to hold on to pertaining to his character. I want more Kylo Ren in the next trailer because that alone will make the trailer that much better.

A Glimpse at the Sith Troopers


Obviously we’re getting a new stormtrooper in The Rise of Skywalker and they’re pretty much a big deal. I mean, they’re called Sith Troopers for crying out loud! That seems important.

We should definitely see these Sith Troopers in the next trailer.

The Knights of Ren Strikes Back


The Knights of Ren are going to make an appearance in this film and no matter how small their role may be we should see them in the trailer. It’ll be a very exciting thing for us to see these characters in action (FINALLY).

So these, are the elements I hope are presented in the second trailer for The Rise of Skywalker. All in all, I’m sure the second trailer is going to be just as phenomenal as the first two were.

What do you want to see in another trailer for the highly anticipated Star Wars movie? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a spectacular day. May the Force be with you.

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