If Only She Could Tell the Truth: Part 6

Qi’ra went to find a better vantage point so she could watch Han gamble his way into a brilliant win or an expected fail. When she found her spot she leaned against the column beside her.

Chewbacca leaned on the other side of the same column and grunted.

“I know this probably isn’t a good idea, Chewbacca,” she said. “But I’ve seen Han do some amazing things playing sabacc.”

He grunted again.

She smiled at the Wookie. “Just trust me.”

He growled and shrugged before turning his attention to the game. Qi’ra did the same.

As Han sat at the table and began to introduce himself to Lando Calrissian she could only smile. Han was one of the best sabacc players she had ever had the privilege to watch. As a child, he would win thousands of credits from unsuspecting players. Of course, that money would end up being given to Lady Proxima but it was still a fond memory nonetheless.

And now, seeing Han back at a sabacc table as a young man, brought a feeling of nostalgia over her that provided her with a sense of unbridled happiness.

In that tavern, watching the game unfold, she found herself getting lost in the idea that circumstances were different. That she and Han had escaped Corellia together. That they were two freelancers traveling around the galaxy. And that they were having fun doing whatever they wanted whenever they wanted.

But, that was not the case, and as she took a quick glance at the Crimson Dawn brand on her wrist she knew that would never be her reality.

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