The Dark Knight Lives (TWENTY-FOUR)

Rain falls in Gotham City, adding a morbid tone to the already morose day. It was December 1, Batman Day, and for the past seven years during this special time of commemoration, millions of the city’s inhabitants gathered throughout Gotham to honor their fallen hero, Batman. Once hated for a crime he didn’t commit and now loved for a sacrifice that saved their very existence, Batman was viewed as a symbol of strength, hope, and the courage to continue fighting against those threatening to bring evil back to Gotham.

His statue, standing in the very center of Gotham Park, was that beacon of fortitude that could never be broken. And directly beneath it, standing without umbrellas in the pouring rain, was a line of police officers dressed in their best uniforms and Lieutenant Lynx. With a morose expression upon her face, she stood on stage before a microphone, surveying the tens of thousands of faces staring back at her.

These faces, stricken with emotion, were the faces of Gotham. The faces her dear friend, Commissioner Gordon, had vowed to keep safe. Now, he was gone, and the bitter cold of fall’s last weeks melding into winter’s harsh crispness was reminding her of the terrible loss.

Now, standing in the rain before this dreaded microphone, she began to feel the weight of this day crashing down on her like the thunder overhead. Her head bowed and her hands clenched into fists. She could feel tears welling in her eyes. She closed her eyes. She had to be strong.

“You’ve got this,” she assured herself.

She took a deep breath before looking at the crowd that was awaiting the words she was about to speak.

“As all of you know we are gathered here today to honor The Batman, the man who saved this city from Bane, who stopped Harvey Dent’s downward spiral into madness, who rescued us from The Joker’s cunning evil.” There were a few claps scattered throughout the crowd. “But today honors more than just our dark knight.” She took another deep breath to restrain her emotions. “Commissioner Gordon was murdered early this morning in cold blood.”

A shocked gasp reverberated throughout the crowd.

“He died fighting for what he believed in,” she continued. “But his fight reached its dark end. Like Batman, he never stopped believing in Gotham. In the goodness of the people who live in this city. In our unwavering resolve to make Gotham the greatest city on this planet.

“There are those who seek to destroy this beautiful city. To have us turn against and another and turn Gotham into a barbaric nation. But I tell you now, as your new Commissioner, I swear that I will uphold Batman and Commissioner Gordon’s belief in this city and I will not rest until the villainy tainting Gotham is eradicated for good.”

She raised her hand in a tight fist. “For Batman. For Commissioner Gordon. But most importantly, for Gotham!”

There was a boisterous cheer from the crowd followed by the unanimous chant: “For Gotham! For Gotham! For Gotham!”

While the crowd erupted in deafening approval of Lynx’s brief speech Blake Lively stood a small distance away beneath an oak tree, his face hidden underneath a hooded coat. His hands rest in his pockets and his stance is casual but his eyes roam the crowd alerted.

Even though security was amped up because of the disturbing increase in crime for the past few days he was still wary. Too many bad things had happened and he knew as well as Lynx that she was in danger.

The Penguin was making his statement and Blake didn’t want Lynx to become another victim of his chilling escapades.

Lynx’s gaze turned and met his. For a moment, there was a sense of comradery between them in their locked gaze. Commissioner Gordon may have died but they were going to make sure his death wasn’t in vain.

“For Gotham,” he whispered.

Katherine Kane was one of many spectators who gathered in Gotham Park to see Commissioner Gordon’s stirring speech. To her surprise, Commissioner Gordon wasn’t the one to deliver the speech but instead was the African-American lieutenant named Lynx. When she announced Gordon’s death it felt like Katherine had been punched in the gut.

She had known Gordon since she was a little girl. Whenever she visited the depot as a child with her parents he would be so nice to her, always giving her a spare lollipop as a gift.

Seeing him again last night had been pleasing, to say the least. Of course, he didn’t recognize her considering that she was now grown and had a mask to hide the bottom half of her face but he was still as kind as she remembered.

To know that he was dead…it almost felt like losing her parents all over again.

Her jaw clenched and her hands tightened into fists. Moved by Lynx’s words she mouthed to herself along with the rowdy crowd, “For Gotham.”


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