If Only She Could Tell the Truth: Part 7

Han was on the verge of beating the infamous gambler, Lando Calrissian, in a game of sabacc. The crowd surrounding the table was fraught with tenseness as everyone waited to see what Han’s hand consisted of. Qi’ra looked on with wide eyes, her heart beating quickly in her breast.

Was Han going to do it? Was he really going to win and obtain Lando’s ship in the process? She clenched her hand tightly, her fingernails digging into her palm. If he did indeed win she would be beyond impressed.

Han smiled. “Straight staves,” he said as he revealed his cards.

The crowd roared with excitement but as Qi’ra looked at Lando and saw his calm expression she knew something was wrong. Her gaze reverted back to Han and as she watched him shaking hands and grinning smugly she couldn’t help but smile. He may be a bit foolish and naive but that was what she loved the most about him.

Lando nodded appreciatively. “Wow. You’re good. Very, very good.”

Han began reaching for the massive pile of credits sitting in the middle of the table.

“But not good enough.”

Han stopped mid-reach.

Lando revealed his hand. “Full Sabaac,” he announced as he placed the cards on the table.

The crowd then let loose a deafening roar that she was sure could be heard outside. Han’s eyebrows scrunched in disbelief. Chewbacca roared angrily. And as Han caught Qi’ra’s eye she smiled before stepping into the shadows.

She would have a talk with him later about his gambling misgivings but they still had a job to do and the longer they stayed here the more time they were losing.

“Come on Chewbacca,” she said.

The Wookie frustratedly grunted before doing as she commanded. As she turned the corner Han was charging up the stairs fuming and spluttering with a childish rage.

“I know I won. I know I had him.”

Qi’ra followed him amusedly.

“There’s no way there should’ve been another green sylop. But no. He’s Captain Wonderful. More like Captain bantha crap.”

“Ah. There you are,” a voice said from the left.

Qi’ra turned and saw Lando Calrissian walking toward them with his black cape draped fancily over his yellow shirt.

“Pretty boy, where’s my ship?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

Before Han could make excuses for why he didn’t have his “ship” Qi’ra stepped forward.

“Lando,” she said.

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