If Only She Could Tell the Truth: Part 10

As Qi’ra took off her fur coat quiet chatter filled the Millennium Falcon’s curved white halls. She smiled. For the first time that day they were finally getting somewhere with this mission.

She took a glance downward at the brand on her right wrist and her thoughts immediately drifted to Dryden Vos. What was he doing? Was he thinking about her as she thought about him?

She sighed. She couldn’t go very long without being reminded of the Crimson Dawn, could she?

She chuckled humorlessly.

She walked through the lobby where she found Tobias Beckett and Chewbacca playing an intense game of Dejarik. Seeing them arguing brought a smile to her face.

And then as she stepped into the next hall she heard Han’s murmurs. She followed the sound of his voice and found him talking with Lando in the cockpit.

As she watched him admiring the ship with boyish wonder a large smile came to her face. Seeing him in such an innocent state made her feel…happy.

L3-37 passed her grumpily and ordered Han to remove himself from her co-pilot seat.

As Han sheepishly exited the seat he caught Qi’ra smiling at him. He smiled back with a shrug and she found herself chuckling.

Their eyes locked and for a split second, it seemed that all was normal. That Qi’ra and Han were still happily together and there was no Crimson Dawn, no criminal syndicates to bother them.

But, as always, that was not the reality.

She averted her gaze and walked away quietly, leaving Han with Lando and L3-37.


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