If Only She Could Tell the Truth: Part 11

She knew Lando loved his ship but now she was beginning to understand why. The vessel didn’t have the shiniest exterior but its interior was as nice as any yacht.

During her self-guided tour, she found his sleeping quarters, a quaint area of the ship where his bed resided. Seeing the bed’s yellow cushions made her suddenly realize how tired she was.

She laid down with a sigh, her gaze focused on the ceiling. And then she looked to her right. Her eyes widened as she beheld Lando’s magnificent closet. She rose slowly, walking into the closet as if in a trance.

She gazed in wide-eyed wonder, her mouth partially gaped, as she took in the impressive amount of capes that hung so neatly on the closet’s racks.

There were yellow capes and winter capes. Long capes and fancy capes. Multicolored capes and capes that were suitable for warmer regions. A cape for every occasion hung in that closet and Qi’ra could only admire Lando’s collection.

One cape, however, caught her eye. It was a blue cape made of what looked like silk. With childish curiosity, she reached up and removed it from its hangar. Its silky smooth fabric felt so good against her skin.

She wrapped it around herself and turned to pose in the mirror but found, much to her shock, Han Solo standing in the doorway smirking at her.


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