If Only She Could Tell the Truth: Part 13

Qi’ra wasn’t very happy. She had allowed her past romantic emotions to briefly overshadow the mission at hand and that could be dangerous. Especially with someone like Tobias Beckett knowing her vulnerabilities. Even though she didn’t care for many things Dryden Vos said she believed his misgivings about Beckett. Tobias would do anything to survive and that meant she needed to watch her back.

As she walked to the cockpit where she hoped Lando’s company could potentially provide her a little comfort she heard a terrible noise overhead. As if two giant rocks were being smashed together.

Qi’ra ran to the cockpit, her eyebrows scrunched with worry and only found L3-37 who looked back at her with that one eye.

“What’s that noise?” she asked as she looked out of the window.

L3-37 shrugged.

“Carbon bergs crashing together out there. It’s nothing much. We’ve just got to avoid them so we don’t die.”

L3-37 turned that one eye toward her again. “So, how are you going to handle your little problem?”

Qi’ra’s head whipped toward her. “Problem?” she asked as she sat down.

L3-37 leaned toward her. “Yes. Problem. I’m sure you’ve noticed.”

Qi’ra shook her head. “Sorry but no I haven’t.”

L3-37 made a sound that almost sounded like a snort. “That boy back there. Judging from the way he stares at you he’s pretty much in love with you.”

Qi’ra chuckled nervously. “Believe me. He is not in love with me. Far from it.”

L3-37 cocked her head. “I’m sure you wish he wasn’t but he is and nothing you can do can change that. Judging from the brand on your wrist, however, I’m sure you’re going to have let him know the truth sooner or later.”

Qi’ra quickly grabbed her wrist. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

L3-37 looked away from her. “You can try to keep a secret but it’s pretty obvious what you’re hiding. You don’t want him to know that your commitment to Crimson Dawn isn’t going to be broken. It’s almost laughable.”

Qi’ra quickly stood. “You really should stay out of people’s business.”

L3-37 looked back at her. “I’m just trying to help.”

With that last comment, Qi’ra stomped out of the cockpit.

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