If Only She Could Tell the Truth: Part 15

Qi’ra knew the plan. She would distract the Kessel director. Han Solo and Chewbacca would infiltrate the base. And, if they were lucky, they could smuggle over a dozen canisters of unrefined coaxium into the Millennium Falcon and fly away.

Qi’ra kept her gaze forward, knowing that Han was watching her every movement. And for good reason. His survival was resting in her hands.

The director walked to her, followed by his enforcers.

Qi’ra walked to the director, her expression remaining neutral.

She talked to the director, L3-37 translated, and the director replied in his guttural language.

The enforcers forced Han and Chewbacca to their knees. She looked back at them, a flash of worry crossing her face as she watched the enforcers examining them with brutal attention.

And then she was motioned to follow the director into his facility. She obliged but first, she had to do something.

She made her way over to Han Solo, her fingers curled tightly around the golden dice he had given her all those years ago. Upon reaching him she punched him hard in the stomach, forcing him to bend over.

“What was that for?” Han groaned quietly.

“That’s for the repulsive advances you degenerate scum,” she said loudly.

He gave her a confused expression which only intensified as she slipped the dice into his hand. Their gazes locked for a brief moment before she followed the director.

But as she was about to enter the facility she took one last look back at Han Solo. And she knew, at that moment, that her last tie to him had been broken.


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