The Dark Knight Lives (THIRTY-THREE)

Pamela Isley knew that getting rid of Robin was her highest priority. But how could she get rid of him? How could she lure him out of his secrecy to fall into yet another trap? Next time it wouldn’t be easy to kill him. He would be ready. But so would she.

She sat in the limo, his unmasked face from the former evening in her mind. There was something familiar about him. Like she’d seen him before. She knew, if she discovered the truth of his real identity, she would be able to find a way to destroy him.

She sighed, resting back in her seat as she looked out of the window at a gloomy Gotham in the night.

There was more. A new enemy. A woman dressed in black. Pamela had a feeling she was the one who had been caught eavesdropping during their meeting with Harley or as he was secretly known, Mr. Hunk.

Mr. Hunk was a threat to be reckoned with. A terrible force who quelled lesser foes with simply his fists. He wasn’t one you’d want to get on your bad side. And that’s what made him the perfect ally of The Penguin’s.

But that woman. Pamela’s thoughts kept drifting to her. Because she knew she was going to be a problem. And one thing she hated was a nuisance.

Harley liked to kill and smile doing it but people didn’t take her very seriously. Everyone thought that she was a joke. That she was a maniac. And maybe she was psychotic, but who wouldn’t be psychotic if they watched someone they loved stabbed to death before their very eyes and couldn’t do anything about it.

From that day on, she had vowed never to be in such a helpless situation. It’s why she had placed herself in such a position of power. To never have to see someone she cared about killed in such a brutal fashion in front of her eyes.

She looked at Pamela who sat across from her. Pamela was one of the people who regarded her as a freak. As a lunatic with a bat. Well, Harley was more than a killer with a bat. She was an actual person with feelings and one day, she’d show Pamela and The Penguin that she wasn’t as insane as they thought she was.

Pamela looked at her.

And she grinned.

The Penguin didn’t often get nervous but tomorrow was going to be a big day. He had asserted himself as the mayor of the city. So many things could go wrong. But he had planned everything accordingly. All he had to do was see the plan through.

But Robin was going to be a thorn in his side. Unless he was taken care of.

This night was passing along like normal but it felt like was every hour was dragging along at snail speed.

Yes, he wasn’t one to get nervous but he was so close to bringing his vision to reality. And then he would watch Gotham fall to its own corrupt impulses. And the city would slowly eat itself until one day the entire world would want the city to be cleansed for its irrevocable sins.

And on that day, he would avenge the mother he loved so much. By rooting out those like his father for they really were.

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