If Only She Could Tell the Truth: Part 18

Everything was going according to plan. Or, at least as close to plan as possible.

Han had acquired the unrefined coaxium. That was part of the plan. Everything else wasn’t.

Chewbacca had gone off on some unknown mission and L3-37 was causing an uprising. The mission wasn’t playing out like Qi’ra had envisioned but at least no one had died.

She turned to Tobias Beckett.

“Han’s got the coaxium. Let’s go,” she said.

He nodded. “Good idea.”

They turned and exited the control room, L3-37 following with her tiny rebellion of droids in hot pursuit.

They rounded a corner and found three different halls to choose from. Beckett looked at her.

“Do you remember which way we came?” he asked.

She nodded.

He stepped aside. “Then lead the way,” he said.

And she did. Gladly. She took the middle hall, sprinting down its corridors as if she knew the facility like the back of her hand. Chaos could be heard ensuing from the mine as the miners revolted against their captors.

Qi’ra turned one corner and found herself faced with three Pyke guards. When they saw her they spoke in their guttural language, their pikes crackling with electricity. She didn’t hesitate.

As one Pyke jabbed at her she sidestepped the thrust, yanked the pike from the guard’s hand, and with the end that wasn’t electrified, struck him in the head. That guard was down.

The next Pyke swung at her but she ducked, used her newfound weapon to sweep the guard off his feet, and twirled as the third Pyke stabbed at her. With a grunt, she used her momentum to bounce off of the nearest wall and tackle the Pyke.

Popping to her feet she electrocuted both of the downed guards, ending the fight. She looked up and found Tobias Beckett staring at her with newfound admiration.

“I’ll think twice about messing with you,” he said.

She threw the pike down. “Let’s get out of here.”

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