The Dark Knight Lives (THIRTY-SIX)

The days had been gloomy, filled with grey clouds and rain, casting dull darkness over Gotham that matched the city’s mood. But today, on this early morning on December 2, a sprinkle of light was falling down on the city.

The Penguin felt it was an omen. An omen that his role as Mayor would be looked upon as one of the bright spots in the history of Gotham. And he would bring hope to the city. Hope in the form of joy, money, opportunity, but that hope would be quashed by the true nature of the city’s elite. The corrupt would take over and The Penguin would be the illustrator of the city’s crucifixion.

He stood upon the stairs of Gotham’s most prominent courthouse, cameras for the city’s local channels pointed at his face. Around him, policemen and women who should be arresting him at this very moment were instead guarding him for protection, like he was the president.

The new Commissioner stood nearest to him, a stern expression upon her face. He could feel her disdain for him rolling off of her. The thought made his lips quirking upward into a smirk. One day, when the time was right, he would have her killed, just like Commissioner Gordon. Then his plan of corruption would be complete.

And there, beyond the row of cameras and reporters, was a throng of eager faces watching him with bright smiles full of greed. They were only gazing at him in sparkly-eyed awe because they thought he was going to give them money. And money, he would give them, like the greedy buzzards that they were. It was almost sickening.

At the same time, across Gotham, Blake Lively sat in his secret base with young Gloria Ramirez and Katherine Kane woke in her apartment, each of them turning on the television to see the city’s new mayor inductee.

It was a strange thing, seeing the man with the polished suit and the top hat, a man they had never seen before, that they had no idea about, taking authority over their very city in the blink of an eye. It was unprecedented, making it all the more disturbing.

The man, Mr. Tom Goldman, raised his arms. “People of Gotham, I’m going to make this short.”

He leaned toward the microphone.

“I’m your new mayor and as your new mayor I’m going to make this city one of the greatest things to ever happen to the Earth!”

A deafening roar resounded from the throng of citizens standing at the edge of the courthouse steps. Gloria’s eyebrows furrowed.

“Why are they so taken with this guy? We don’t even know who he is!” Gloria exclaimed.

Blake sighed, crossing his arms. “Money has become their God. And that can make the Devil king.”

Gloria’s expression darkened. “That doesn’t sound good.”

Katherine felt the same wariness as she watched on her television the grinning businessman waving at the crowd that continued to cheer for him. Something was very wrong about this scenario. Her fists clenched. There was going to be a consequence for letting this man be the mayor of Gotham. She could feel it.

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