If Only She Could Tell the Truth: Part 24

Qi’ra’s eyes were wide as she beheld the massive tentacles missing the Millennium Falcon by mere inches.

“What is that thing?” she exclaimed.

“I have no idea,” Lando said, his eyes wide with fear.

“A Summa-Verminoth,” Tobias obliged.

She looked at him.

“They are very rare. Only three have been sighted in the entire galaxy,” Beckett finished.

“Just our luck,” Han grumbled. “We found the fourth one.”

Chewbacca growled as a tentacle zoomed toward the Falcon.

“Han!” Qi’ra yelled.

He swooped the ship downward just a split-second before the vessel could be struck. Han whooped.

“That was close,” he exclaimed.

Lando jumped to the other side of the cockpit where he began to look at L3-37’s navigator. Qi’ra joined him.

“What do you see?” she asked.

He looked at the navigating computer closely. “There seems to be a way out of here near our position.”

Qi’ra grinned. She turned around, about to speak to Han about the good news, when her gaze beheld a terrifying sight.

Han was flying toward a massive vortex colored with the tones of a roaring fire. She couldn’t even speak. She only stared in utter horror.

“It’s a gravity well,” Han announced.

“That dang thing’s right behind us Han,” Tobias Beckett exclaimed.

Han yanked the controls and the ship veered sharply to the left. Qi’ra watched as the massive tentacled creature slid by, its sharp-toothed maw gaping in an angry roar.

“Gotcha,” Han said with a smile.

He turned the ship around and sure enough, in the distance, a glowing crack in the middle of a rocky fissure could be seen.

“There it is!” Lando exclaimed. “The way out.”

Chewbacca pressed the accelerator but the ship didn’t move. In fact, it seemed that the Falcon was being dragged backward. Understanding dawned on Qi’ra. She gasped.

“We’re caught in its gravity,” she said.

Tobias cursed. Lando snapped his fingers.

“I’ve got it,” he said.

Qi’ra turned to him.

“We’ve got enough coaxium in this ship to power a fleet. If we can take a small dosage and insert it in the fuel reactor…”

“It’ll give us just the kick to get out of here,” Han finished.

Tobias straightened. “On it.”

Qi’ra watched as he ran out of the cockpit faster than she’d ever seen him run before. She looked at Lando.

“I hope this works,” she said.

He nodded. “Me too.”

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