If Only She Could Tell the Truth: Part 25

The Millennium Falcon was trembling. The lights were flickering. The gaping fissure in the Maelstrom that was their escape route was closing. Qi’ra wasn’t optimistic about their chances but Han had managed to get out of tight scenarios before. She could only hope his strange streak of luck would continue.

“Tobias?” she called.

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” Beckett replied.

Her jaw clenched. Hurry Tobias, hurry.

The Millennium Falcon was still veering to the left as the gravity well slowly sucked the vessel into its magnetic grip. The fissure was closing more and more and their chances of living were growing slimmer.

“Okay, I got it,” Beckett yelled.

Qi’ra sighed with relief.

“When do you want to me inject it?” he asked.

Han Solo’s gaze never left the fissure. “Wait just a moment for us to line up with the crack!”

The ship continued veering left and Qi’ra noticed they were seconds away from potentially getting out of this mess. Her heartbeat began to increase with the anticipation of the possible escape.

“Okay, I’m gonna count you down,” Han said. “One!”

Lando’s hand grasped her shoulder and when she looked over at him he gave her a reassuring nod. She nodded back.


Chewbacca grunted as he began pressing buttons.

“Now!” Han said.

To Qi’ra’s dismay, Tobias replied, “Now?”

She could’ve screamed with frustration. “Now!” she, Lando, and Han yelled in unison.

There was a second of anxious waiting before the ship’s motor made a strange sound and sputtered out. Qi’ra could only stare in silent disbelief as the Millennium Falcon fell backward into the waiting arms of the destructive Maw.

“Oh sh…” Lando began to say.

Suddenly the ship roared to life and Qi’ra was slammed into her chair when the Falcon lurched forward. The ever-tightening fissure was growing closer and closer. She shook her head.

“We’re not going to make it,” she said.

“Yes, we are. I’ve got an idea.” His grip tightened on the controls. “Remember that maneuver in the alleyway on Corellia?”

Her eyes widened in horrified comprehension. “Yes, I remember. I remember it didn’t work!”

He looked back at her with that patented cocky smile. “This time it’s gonna.”

His gaze faced forward and with a yank of the controls, he turned the Falcon sideways. She knew this could be the end. His brashness could be their demise. But it also could be their salvation. So, she gripped his shoulder and as they zoomed toward the fissure she could only hope they would survive.

“Punch it!” Han said.

He and Chewbacca pushed the levers forward and the ship launched into hyperspace.

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