This Season of ‘Survivor’ Is the Best Season In Years

I’m a bonafide Survivor fan. I’ve watched nearly all of the seasons (except for the ones that I found boring) and a few of the seasons (like Season 20, Heroes vs. Villains) I’ve watched multiple times because they’re that good!

Being a diehard Survivor fan means I am loyal to the show, meaning if a season is awful I’ll still struggle through its entirety to see who wins. (I’m talking about you Season 33, Millennials vs. Gen-X!)

The last few seasons have been decent, delivering some of the best moments in Survivor history like Ben Driebergen’s (Season 35, Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers) surprise idol reveal during the finale, Wendell Holland’s (Season 36, Ghost Island) tiebreaker vote to win Survivor, or Chris Underwood (Season 38, Edge of Extinction) relinquishing his immunity at the final tribal council to defeat the season favorite, Rick Devens, in a fire-making challenge which is, to me, the greatest moment in Survivor history.

Survivor has had its dips in quality over the years but a resurgence has happened and Survivor is returning to its former glory, all culminating into the current season transpiring right now, Survivor: Island of the Idols. Continue reading This Season of ‘Survivor’ Is the Best Season In Years

Throwback Friday: The First Image of ‘The Mandalorian’ Is Here!!!

Last year on October 4 the first image for The Mandalorian was released and the internet collectively lost their noodles. I was one of them. Now here we are, a few days away from the premiere, and I’m kind of flabbergasted. The year has gone by so fast that I forgot that the first image of this live-action Star Wars show arrived a little over a year ago. So amazing!

So, for this week’s Throwback Friday, I decided to reshare this memory in all of its glory. Enjoy!

The title and synopsis for Star Wars‘ newest obsession, Disney Plus’s live-action Star Wars show, just dropped today and the internet went bonkers over the concept of this exciting new television series. But now, dropping just minutes ago, is the first official look at the upcoming series focusing on, as the title suggests, the Mandalorian. Here it is!


Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Is this really happening? A live-action Star Wars show? It almost feels unreal. For so long I have dreamed of this moment but figured it would never come. Well, thanks to Disney, my dreams have come true and I am BEYOND excited.

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If Only She Could Tell the Truth: Part 26

Qi’ra knew something was happening when the Millennium Falcon started beeping in intermittent spurts. Her head popped up from the deactivated Dejarik table that she had been using as a pillow and saw Tobias Beckett running in the direction of the cockpit.

She immediately rose to her feet, all hints of drowsiness completely eradicated. She followed Beckett to the cockpit where Lando and Chewbacca were already residing.

“I think we’re here,” Han said as he looked at the console in front of him. Continue reading If Only She Could Tell the Truth: Part 26