Get Ready for a New Fan Fiction Story Coming Your Way!

The Dark Knight Lives has reached a screeching halt/intermission after the story exceeded far beyond my expectations. The main reasoning behind my pausing The Dark Knight Lives until a later date is to let my two new fan fiction series shine and one such fan fiction series is coming within the next few weeks. Dropping November 25, the conclusion of my Star Wars story starting with My Version of The Last Jedi and Episode IX: The Chosen One arrives in the form of Episode X: The Reckoning.

And, to give you an idea of what to expect, here’s the first poster featuring the chosen one herself, Ora, daughter of Ben Solo and Rey.

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Who’s Your Favorite Jedi Master?

The Jedi are a major factor to the Star Wars franchise. They are the superheroes, the good guys, the ones who will stop evil at all costs and inspire hope throughout the galaxy. But they are also flawed and their flaws have led to the drama that is Star Wars.

The dark side and the light are at the middle of this great conflict that has spawned decades of storytelling and the Jedi are the vessels of the Light.

In short, Jedi are awesome.

So, for this week’s Who’s Your Favorite?, I wanted to highlight the Jedi masters in the franchise. Mind you, there have been a lot of Jedi masters, so I will be sticking to the major ones in the films. Enjoy!

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If Only She Could Tell the Truth: Part 28

Qi’ra’s eyes widened with relief when she saw a vat of water sitting in the corner of one of the uninhabited tents in the small town. A quick dabble of moisture on her sweaty skin was just the thing she needed.

She hurried to the container, grabbed a rag that was sitting nearby, and sighed in ecstasy as the cool liquid touched her neck. She tipped her head back, closing her eyes and releasing a long breath as she soaked in the comforting sensation of the water rolling down her back.

And then she heard the rustling of the tent flap. She opened her eyes and saw Han standing with his hands on his hips at the tent entrance. He was gazing at her with that…look. That look he had given her the first time they had ever kissed.

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