Movie Review Flashback: Where Is the Tomb Raiding in ‘Tomb Raider’?

Last spring the Tomb Raider franchise got a reboot with Oscar-winning actress Alicia Vikander as the new film version of the iconic character Lara Croft. People were excited to see the new Tomb Raider but unfortunately, it was an underwhelming comeback and I decided not to watch it…until last night.

I was bored, I figured it would probably have some decent action in it, and so I watched Tomb Raider. Now, mind you, I’m very familiar with this character and her story. I recently played the Rise of the Tomb Raider game–which was very fun by the way–so it was exciting to watch the movie and know what’s going on.


Alicia Vikander does a great job portraying the character. She looks fierce when she needs to be fierce and she actually looks like how you would imagine Lara Croft looking if it the character was in a movie. She’s basically the only thing good about the movie though.

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‘Star Wars: Rebels: Season 1’ Review

I just finished the first season of Star Wars: Rebels and I am beyond impressed. With the spare bits of spoiler-heavy knowledge I’ve picked up over the years regarding the series I am surprised to learn there’s a lot more to this story than what I first expected and boy am I ready to hold on for the ride.

For the first four episodes, I was just getting to know the characters and the story and, to be honest, I was a bit underwhelmed. However, it wasn’t until Episode 5: Rise of the Old Masters, that I began to see the magic of the story.


Ezra Bridger’s first moment of desperation with the Force showcases his dark-side prone behavior, a behavior that is very akin to Rey’s own struggles in the Sequel Trilogy. This episode was the moment I began to really pay attention to these characters and actually care about these characters.

It, however, wasn’t until Episode 10: Path of the Jedi, that I was sold on the enjoyment of this series’ first season. Continue reading ‘Star Wars: Rebels: Season 1’ Review

If Only She Could Tell the Truth: Part 35

Han chuckled. “It is the real thing,” he replied to Dryden’s subtle accusation that they hadn’t delivered him the actual coaxium.

Qi’ra allowed herself a tiny smile. Han was a good actor and that meant Dryden was falling for their plan with ease.

“Oh, yes it is such a good replica it truly does look like the real thing,” Dryden began, “but it seems through an associate of mine that you were going to bamboozle me and give Enfys Nest the real coaxium.” Continue reading If Only She Could Tell the Truth: Part 35