If Only She Could Tell the Truth: Part 35

Han chuckled. “It is the real thing,” he replied to Dryden’s subtle accusation that they hadn’t delivered him the actual coaxium.

Qi’ra allowed herself a tiny smile. Han was a good actor and that meant Dryden was falling for their plan with ease.

“Oh, yes it is such a good replica it truly does look like the real thing,” Dryden began, “but it seems through an associate of mine that you were going to bamboozle me and give Enfys Nest the real coaxium.”

Qi’ra’s chin raised. She knew exactly who his “associate” was. It had to be Tobias Beckett. There was no one else who could’ve had betrayed them. They just needed to hold on a little longer for this plan to work.

Han’s surprised gaze whipped to Qi’ra. “Look, I don’t know what she told you but–”

“No, it wasn’t Qi’ra!” Dryden interjected. He pointed an angry finger at Qi’ra and she found herself flinching. He was so intimidating when he was angry. Maybe it was the way his scars changed color or how his eyes turned red with the ferocity of his hatred but she couldn’t help the feeling of fear under his glare.

“Qi’ra it seems has grown a soft spot for you and has forgotten her duty to Crimson Dawn,” he continued.

She clenched her jaw. He was wrong. She hadn’t forgotten her duty to Crimson Dawn. She just wasn’t going to blindly follow him anymore no matter what consequences that meant for her.

Dryden Vos rose from his seat and moved to the other side of the room, a comlink in hand.

“Will you come in please?” he said.

Qi’ra stood, watching Dryden warily, before glancing at Han. They locked eyes and she could see the reassurance in his gaze. Their plan was going to work. She could feel it.

They then turned to face the elevator, waiting to see who would walk through those doors even though she was pretty certain she knew who it would be. And sure enough, as the doors opened, Beckett was the one to enter the room.

Han shook his head, adopting the role of the naive man who couldn’t believe he was being betrayed. Qi’ra glared at Beckett, also assuming her role as well. Chewbacca grunted in disbelief.

Beckett looked at them. “Ah, don’t look at me like that. You should’ve seen this coming.” He pointed at Han. “And remember what I told you? Don’t. Trust. Anyone.”

“You’re a rat, Beckett,” she spat.

He smiled smugly and she smiled inwardly in return. The surprise on his face when he would discover how his betrayal backfired on him was going to be glorious.

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