If Only She Could Tell the Truth: Part 37

Qi’ra hid behind a table as blaster fire filled the room momentarily. She was tempted to look and see if Han had killed Dryden but that question was answered as Dryden’s voice rang through the room.

“You know, we shouldn’t fight amongst ourselves,” Dryden said. “Beckett is the enemy so why don’t we go get him together.”

Qi’ra eyes widened. Dryden was very, very persuasive and his tone of voice sounded cordial enough. But she knew Dryden and she knew he was lying. She could only hope Han knew he was fibbing as well.

“That sounds great. You go to the elevator first.”

Qi’ra smiled.

Dryden chuckled. “Oh Han, I truly do find you funny.”

There was a scuffle of footsteps and then she could hear more blaster fire mingled with Dryden’s angry grunts and Han’s tiny yelps of fright. She needed to do something now or Han would be killed.

The hums of Dryden’s blades filled the room as she crawled across the floor, keeping out of sight. There was a pause in the fight just as Qi’ra reached the sword. She picked it up from the floor, taking a deep breath as she tightened her grip on the weapon’s slender hilt.

“You can’t run, Han,” Drdyen suddenly said. “And even if you could you’d spend the rest of your life looking over your shoulder because I would find you, Han. And I never go back on my word.”

Qi’ra moved into a position to strike.

“Dryden,” Han began, “I’m beginning to get used to the idea.”

She heard Han grunt and she used that as the signal to move into action. She emerged from her hiding spot, leaping over the table and using the blade of her sword to flip Han onto his back with her weight. As he tried to crawl away she knocked the gun out of his hand, twirled just as he turned onto his back, and thrust her sword toward his heart.

The blade just stopped at his shirt. She was but one strong jab from killing him.

Han stared at her with true fear in his eyes. Fear that she had never seen before. He had been in many tight situations before but for the first time in his life he had her as his enemy and it could very well be the end of his life.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered.

He shook his head. “No. This isn’t you, Qi’ra. I know you.”

Dryden laughed. “You know her? Han, you have no idea what she is capable of but I do. I taught her everything she knows.”

“Qi’ra,” Han pleaded, “you’re not what he thinks you are. You know that.”

Her chin wobbled with emotion. She had to make a choice. “He’s right,” she said. “It’s what I was taught. Survey your enemy’s weakness.”

She raised the blade in the classic execution form in Teräs Käsi. At that moment, her destiny lied in her hands. She could side with Dryden and kill Han, thus ending her allegiance to the past. Or she could do something she had been waiting to do for a very. Long. Time. Her gaze turned steely.

“And today.” She twirled, swinging the blade at Dryden’s head. It caught his forearm instead, causing him to grunt in pain as he dropped one of his daggers. “I’m yours.”

Dryden snarled at her ferociously as he jabbed his dagger at her heart. She deflected the lethal blow with a grunt. She found herself on the defensive as he attacked her with a ferocity she had never seen before. But she was not afraid. She was determined to win.

He knocked her off balance and she fell to the ground. As he jabbed down at her exposed form she whirled, clashing blades with him. A fierce struggle occurred between them as they fought for control but then finally, with a desperate yell, she twisted his blade out of his hand.

She twirled onto her knees and with a quick swing, stuck his own dagger into his heart. Dryden froze as the blade cut deep into him. His eyes turned red, his skin seemed to whiten, and with a final gasp of despair, he fell over onto his side dead.

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