Ezra Bridger Appreciation

After watching Star Wars: Rebels my love for the characters in this series has been nothing short of almost obsessive. And Ezra Bridger is at the top of this list.

Ezra Bridger is a fantastic Jedi with a fantastic storyline and I am just in love with this character. And apparently, I’m not the only one. My sister has drawn an absolutely ravishing portrait of the character, imagining him in a realistic manner and I am super excited to share it with you. Here you go.


Isn’t this amazing?! Honestly, I can’t stop staring at it! Ezra Bridger is a character that I have grown more and more fascinated with the more I watch Star Wars: Rebels and this picture has only built upon my love for this character.

My sister has placed a bit of pixie dust magic on this portrait and because of that, I had to share it with you all.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day. May the Force be with you.

‘Phantom Thread’ Is a Beautiful Piece of Art

(This is a repost of one of my favorite movies.)

In preparation for the Oscars this year my family and I have begun to look back at some of the Oscar-nominated films last year that we missed. One of those particular movies happened to be Phantom Thread.

This wasn’t a film I was particularly interested in seeing but after my mother watched it and came away from the film with nothing but praise I decided to check it out. I’m glad I did. This movie is going to stick with me for a long time because of its unique brilliance. So, on that note, let me tell you a little bit about this film.


First off, I just want to say that Daniel Day-Lewis did an absolutely phenomenal job in this movie. This was his swan song and boy did he go out with a bang. I’m sure Gary Oldman’s stunning portrayal of Winston Churchill was undoubtedly worthy of an Oscar but in my opinion, I would’ve given the trophy to Mr. Day-Lewis. He played this part SO well but I figure, because he’s already won three Oscars, they gave Gary the trophy instead. Boo.

Anyway, this movie is amazing. It follows the story of a designer in England (Daniel Day-Lewis) whose dresses are unparalleled in their breathtaking quality. And these dresses are ravishing.

Daniel Day-Lewis and Vicky Krieps in Phantom Thread (2017)

Time and time again I found myself staring at the screen in wide-eyed awe because of how beautiful the dresses were. This film’s only Oscar winner went to Best Costume Design and it rightfully deserved it. Okay, I’m getting off course again. Let me get back to telling you about the story.

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The Heroic Women of Marvel

The Infinity Saga has come to an end with Avengers: EndgameEndgame truly was a culmination of the previous twenty-one movies before the Avengers finale, highlighting nearly every character that has placed a stamp on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including the powerful women.

Today I will celebrate these extraordinary heroines by looking at their thrilling involvement in Endgame and where their stories are heading for the future. Enjoy!

The Ancient One


The Ancient One’s role in Endgame was slight but impactful as we got to see her protecting the New York Sanctum during the Battle of New York and schooling Bruce Banner in the seriousness of tampering with the past. It was delighting to see her again after her being gone for so many years and even though she is a permanently dead character her wisdom will always be felt in the MCU.

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Episode X: The Reckoning: Chapter Two

The Teenage Upstart

Finn stood in the meeting room aboard the Tantative IV, his gaze pridefully taking in the small but mighty force of rebels that had gathered to bring The Whisper down.

There was his wife Rose and his best friend Poe Dameron. His former mortal-enemy-turned-ally Phasma and the Zabrak bounty hunter named Trish. John Skywalker and Keeli Calrissian. Chewbacca and the faithful droids, R2-D2, BB-8, and C-3PO. The Knights of Ren, still expectedly formidable-looking in their black attire. And finally, the group of orphaned kids Ben Solo had found on Yavin IV.

These were the people who were going to bring The Whisper’s reign to an end and the thought was almost tear-worthy.

He caught Rose looking at him and smiled. They had left their three children–Merille, Litti, and Danton–behind to fight this enemy that had changed their lives forever. They knew how lucky they were to be alive and they knew how important it would be to remain that way for their children. However, they also knew that raising their offspring in a galaxy as oppressive and corrupt as the one they now lived in wasn’t what they wanted to do. Now, with a chance to fix everything, how could they not jump at the opportunity?

Rey’s daughter, Ora, was what had given them hope that they could bring this threat to an end. She was the key to bringing this madness to a close.

Finn had never given up hope even though there were many times when he could’ve. But throughout history, there were ages of darkness broken by the determination of those who believed in the Light. Despite having to fall to the corruption, becoming just another cog in the endless machine of despair, he never relinquished in knowing that The Whisper’s reign would find its end. He just hadn’t expected it to happen this fast.

Ben Solo and Rey had left to find Ora when her ship appeared on the radar. Now everyone in the room was patiently but eagerly awaiting the chosen one’s arrival.

She appeared much quicker than they expected, the door sliding open with a hiss. When everyone saw her they stood, their faces bright with expectation. There were even a few claps.

Ora raised her hands, adopting a playfully humble appearance.

“Now, now, there’s no need for clapping,” she began. “Yes, I’m the chosen one and yes, I now have access to the most powerful weapon in the galaxy but there is no need for applause. We still have a job to do. But I appreciate your excitement.”

This garnered a few smiles from around the room, namely Poe Dameron who was well known for being cocky at times, but there were also a few subtle but very apparent frowns, mostly from Phasma who crossed her arms. Even Maz Kanata seemed surprised by her words. And Finn could understand their annoyance.

Ora was the most powerful person in the room, everyone knew that, but she was taking her power for granted. He had seen the power she possessed in the hands of the wise like Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, General Leia Organa, his friend Rey, but Ora, she handled her power with reckless abandon. She was powerful in both the light and the dark, making her the key figure in defeating The Whisper, but she was still bright with youth and being a child meant sometimes it was difficult to fully comprehend the stakes of this situation.

They weren’t going to waltz into The Whisper’s domain without a fight. It was going to be a battle no matter how powerful Ora thought she was and he didn’t believe she understood that.

This concerned him.

He exchanged a glance with Rose and she seemed to be thinking just the same as him. His jaw clenched.

Ora made her way through the meeting room, choosing to stand at the head of the table instead of seating herself like everyone else. It was another power-play move on her part as she stood over them all.

His eyebrows furrowed. What had happened in the time that they had been apart? This wasn’t the same Ora that had hugged him with such profound joy on the planet, Ytera. Somehow she seemed different and he wasn’t exactly sure if he was enjoying the change.

As if noticing everyone’s slight discomfort in the room Rey said, “Ora, we’re all sitting down. You should sit too.”

Ora clutched the back of the chair. “But I’m ready, mother. I’m ready to go kick HER butt.”

Rey sighed. “And we will do that but we first have to consult about how we’re going to do that.”

Ora shrugged. “Easy. We know where she is. All we have to do is show up and I’ll do the rest.”

“Sit down, Ora,” Rey said a little more harshly.

Even though Ora was clearly more powerful than Rey there was nothing more potent than a mother’s command. Ora, embarrassed because of her chastisement in front of everyone in the room, sat down in a dejected manner. At that moment, it was confirmed that she was, in fact, a child.

“Yes, my daughter Ora is correct,” Rey continued. “The time has arrived to bring HER dominion to an end but we have to be careful about this. Just because we have the most powerful weapon in the galaxy in our possession does not mean that this fight will be easy.”

“No, it will not,” Ben seconded. “And we want to make sure this operation happens without any losses.” He looked at everyone at the table. “I don’t want to lose any of you.”

A grim mood fell upon the room as the realization that this mission could end with all of their collective demises dawned on them.

“Am I the only one who thinks it’s too much to ask these children you found to join us? This isn’t their fight,” Poe Dameron said.

The leader of the children, a fierce red-haired teenager who went by the name of Terra, stood. “We may be children but we have faced a lot. Smugglers, bounty hunters, looters, and evildoers, we faced them all and we survived. We know the risk of war and we have faced death.” She looked at Ben Solo. “Sorren believed in us.” She turned her gaze to everyone else in the room. “I think his approval is worth something.”

Poe Dameron nodded but his expression betrayed his lingering wariness. In his eyes, they were still children and it was understandable why he would feel so nervous about their inclusion in this operation. If one of them died, would any of the adults at this table be able to handle it?

It was a horrifying thought.

“If we want this thing to transpire without any losses we have to make a plan that gives us every chance to come out of this thing alive,” Finn said.

And that’s what they did. They began to concoct a plan.