‘Star Wars: Resistance’ Is Starting to Lose Me Quickly

Disney hasn’t dropped a lot of balls on their Star Wars projects but with Star Wars: Resistance it seems very clear Disney has not put a lot of love into this story. And yes, I get it, Star Wars: Resistance was designed to cater to a younger audience but that doesn’t mean LucasFilm should just completely disregard the quality of their storytelling for the benefit of little children.

This story feels insignificant, unimaginative, and with each episode ending in an expected fashion, I’ve practically lost all investment in this series.

I was really enjoying the first five or so episodes but the last few have completely drained me. And this latest one, The Voxx Vortex 5000 was annoying from the get-go. I get it, the writers are trying to navigate the characters through the First-Order infested galaxy aboard the Colossus which needs repairs, food, etc. but with each passing episode, the series is becoming more and more lackluster.

This week’s episode introduced us to a new Hutt which I found to be a very unappealing choice for the episode. Jabba the Hutt is the only version of the clan that I have enjoyed seeing in the franchise. I wasn’t a fan of the Hutt characters in The Clone Wars and I’m definitely not a fan of this new Hutt.

Once again, a space casino was introduced and let me tell you something, the Star Wars space casinos are not cool. I have spoken.

I wish I could say I’m loving the second season of Star Wars: Resistance but honestly, it’s starting to annoy me more than the first season.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a spectacular day. May the Force be with you.

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