‘The Mandalorian’!

You see that post title. That’s the only title I could possibly think of to express my feelings for the fifth episode of The Mandalorian. I watched the episode a few hours ago and I decided to take a bit of time to digest what I had just seen because honestly, this series is starting to get to my emotions.

Rarely do I get to see something that is absolutely perfect from a franchise that I LOVE so much. Avengers: Infinity War was spectacular, comic-book movie perfection, but Endgame was…okay. It was good, really, really good, but it wasn’t Infinity War-level good.

Months after its release I find myself wishing that maybe the writers and directors had waited until 2020 to release the final Avengers movie because I feel it probably would’ve been better. The plot is so boring and predictable, the only thing the movie has going for it is that the story and characters were so interesting leading up to it that you can have a giant time-travel film and make it fun and entertaining. And with that stellar ending, it’s no surprise the movie would turn out to be the highest-grossing film of all time.

But still…it was disappointing. I’m not going to lie. Yes, it makes me cry my eyes out whenever I see it and yes, it is fundamentally a sound movie from beginning to end, but it wasn’t able to reach the standard I was hoping for.

The Mandalorian, week after week, has delivered phenomenal episodes with twists, turns, characters, and surprises that I don’t expect, and these days that is NEAR-IMPOSSIBLE!

Internet leaks are about as common as fan theories. It’s hard going into something relatively dark about the entire plot and premise. The Mandalorian, however, was so under the radar that no one thought to spoil the entire plot, leaving one flabbergasted with the result of the five episodes we’ve seen so far.

Nostalgia, great storytelling, fantastic character building, extraordinary characters period, The Mandalorian just can’t seem to get it wrong. Every week I turn on Disney+, expecting, for the first time this season, to see an episode that doesn’t live up to the standards of the previous episodes, and every week that fear inside of me is abated as I stare at the screen in wide-eyed awe.

The Sequel Trilogy is a beautiful prolonging of the story created by George Lucas in the 70s’ but The Mandalorian feels like Star Wars. It’s so Star Wars it’s almost scary.

I keep saying it. I think Disney may have made a mistake bringing this series out before The Rise of Skywalker because The Mandalorian is surpassing all of my expectations in the best possible ways. The Rise of Skywalker is going to be good but is it going to be as great as this show about a Mandalorian bounty hunter and his diminutive traveling partner? I. Don’t. Think. SO!

We’ll see. We’ll see…

On Monday I’ll talk about this week’s episode in greater detail but for now, I’ll leave it at this. I LOVED THIS WEEK’S EPISODE SO MUCH!!!!

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a tremendous day. May the Force be with you.

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