A Movie Ranking: Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson is one of my favorite actors. His roles can be powerful, wise, and sometimes inspiring, but most importantly, he brings such a classic Liam Neeson-vibe to each role that you can’t help but enjoy the movies that he graces. Of course, not every movie that I’ve seen him in has been great but still, I’ve seen more good films starring the Irish actor than bad. I thought he would be the perfect actor for this week’s A Movie Ranking. Enjoy!

10. Clash of the Titans

Sam Worthington in Clash of the Titans (2010)

One night my father and I were watching Hulu and we stumbled upon Clash of the Titans. The movie was so ridiculous that I ended up staying up and watching the whole thing because I was riveted by the awful CGI and horrendous storytelling. And Liam Neeson’s depiction of Zeus was just…yikes.

I love Liam Neeson but he is not a great Zeus. Continue reading A Movie Ranking: Liam Neeson

As Alliances Crumble the Season Takes An Interesting Turn

The most dangerous tribal council in Survivor is the one that follows the family visit and for good reason. Being on an island for over four weeks with total strangers can drive someone mentally batty, even if they don’t show it. But as soon as they get to see someone they love the game can sometimes completely flip. Take Jud “Fabio” Birza from Season 21, Survivor: Nicaragua. When he wasn’t allowed to spend time with his mother during the family visit he turned into essentially Rambo as he continued to win immunity challenges and got himself to the final tribal council, thus winning the entire season.

The family visit episode can bring the monster out of certain people and this change in attitude can lead to some disastrous outcomes.

This episode did exactly that as Noura Salman, unable to join her little sister on the family visit, went absolute bonkers back at camp and decided to turn against her alliance to bring those from the bottom up to the top. However, despite the turning of the tides, Karishma, after several long weeks hanging on by a thread, was still voted out. Um…bummer. Continue reading As Alliances Crumble the Season Takes An Interesting Turn

Episode X: The Reckoning: Chapter Twelve

Rey walked across the grassy field, using the Force to guide her. She had learned many years ago in strange circumstances how to let go of her fear and to let the Force lead her to wherever she needed to be led. That, however, didn’t mean that suddenly she was no longer thinking of Ben Solo, or her daughter Ora, lost out there somewhere in the galaxy, possibly in the way of harm.

The thought that her loved ones were in trouble sent her into a jog which slowly, as the worry of their being in danger spurred her onward, accelerated into a full run.

The field was suddenly marred by a hill, a hill that she quickly climbed. When she got to the top she was expecting to find a new section of land to cross. One that would allow her a greater understanding of where she was, or maybe where Ben was. But when she reached the top, she saw nothing but fields of grass in every direction as far as the eye could see.

She fell to her knees, desperation clinging to her heart.

“Ben, where are you?”