The Trailer for ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Has Arrived

Wonder Woman 1984 was supposed to come out this year but it didn’t. The trailer just dropped and honestly, I’m upset. Why am I upset? Fundamentally, the teaser trailer wasn’t bad and yet, I’ve come away from the trailer feeling let down like I did when I walked out of the theater two Junes ago.

Wonder Woman is a powerful character who doesn’t need assistance to carry a movie. And yet, the writers cannot let her shine, forcing to share the spotlight with Steve Trevor who is now back from the dead in some undoubtedly strange way. And why is this movie in the 80s’ again? Before I continue to rant here’s a look at the trailer.

On a brighter note, I loved the ending with our first look at her brand new golden suit, which was positively awesome. However, this trailer just didn’t hit my happy buttons. I get it, it’s the 80s’, but the 80s’ centric music felt off-paced and ill-fitting.

I hope maybe seeing this trailer in IMAX during my visit to seeing The Rise of Skywalker will maybe change my mind about this movie but unfortunately, I wasn’t excited before and this definitely didn’t help matters.

Here are four character posters released with the trailer. Continue reading The Trailer for ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Has Arrived

What’s Your Favorite Version of Doctor Strange?

Doctor Strange is exactly that, a unique hero. No, he doesn’t have superhuman strength or can run as fast a cheetah (or faster) but what he does have is the ability to conjure magic, making him one of the coolest superheroes out there.

If you’ve read my blog you will know that I am a bonafide Doctor Strange fan. And his evolution so far has been rather interesting, making him the perfect person for this next segment in this series. Enjoy!

2016 Doctor Strange


While at first Doctor Stephen Strange greatly resembled Tony Stark’s personality due to his arrogance and jerky attitude it wasn’t long before he departed from the Iron Man similarities and became his own person. Namely, the fact that by the end of the film he was a completely different person. He understood the responsibility he had as the de facto Sorcerer Supreme and he was ready to learn and become an even more powerful magician to protect the world from whatever forces would be waiting to strike.

Stark never changed, choosing to remain his selfish, arrogant self throughout frankly the entirety of his involvement in the MCU.

(I’m skipping 2017 Doctor Strange because he only had a small role in Thor: Ragnarok.) Continue reading What’s Your Favorite Version of Doctor Strange?

Episode X: The Reckoning: Chapter Thirteen

Ben Solo hadn’t had time to discover what it meant to be a father. He had just met his daughter Ora and while there was a clear connection between them he would never have the bond that Rey had with her.

It was a saddening prospect brought about by The Whisper’s arrival. Years of fatherhood had been robbed from him but he was determined to win it all back. And that journey began with protecting these children. Yes, they were teenagers and they had faced plenty. Far more than he had at their age. But they were still adolescents looking to him for protection, for direction.

And yet, on this strange planet, he found himself feeling just as lost. The Force was battering him from all sides, warning him of oncoming danger. He unclipped his lightsaber, bringing everyone to a halt with an outstretched hand. The teenagers unclipped their own weapons, surveying their surroundings. Continue reading Episode X: The Reckoning: Chapter Thirteen