Let’s Talk: ‘The Mandalorian: Chapter 5’

The Mandalorian: Chapter 5 is, by far, my favorite episode so far. There’s a level of joy this series has provided me so far but this episode, titled The Gunslinger, is fun with a capital F literally from the first second of the episode. I will try to deliver a cohesive account of the episode because I’m still rambling in my brain about how good this episode was.

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What’s Your Favorite Version of Black Panther?

Black Panther is one of the coolest superheroes ever conceived and his role in the MCU only confirms that fact. Today, for this segment of What’s Your Favorite Version? I thought it would be fun to tackle the Wakandan king himself. Enjoy!

2016 Black Panther


The genius of Black Panther’s debut was the incredible way they inserted him into the story. Here is this young African prince who we had no previous knowledge of but there is an actual reason why we didn’t know of him. The Wakandans are seclusive people who don’t stray from their country but when he did his father was killed.

Suddenly, Prince T’Challa/Black Panther is caught up in the affairs of the Avengers’ storylines in a cohesive and brilliant way.

This is the angriest and darkest version of T’Challa that we’ve seen so far in the MCU. He practically borderlines villainy throughout the movie after he loses his father, but what makes him a hero is his realization toward the end of the film that if he continued down the dark path he would become a monster, like Killmonger in Black Panther.

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Finally, A Decent Episode of ‘Star Wars: Resistance’

Am I going to write a post harking about my utter amazement at the tenth episode of Star Wars: Resistance? No. But I can say, this is the best episode in weeks. Titled Kaz’s Curse, it deals with Kazuda Xiono trying to ward off a curse given to him by an angry pirate while the Colossus comes into contact with the Guavian Death Gang in a random asteroid field in the middle of space.

There’s some action, some humor, but overall the plot is tiringly predictable and the episode’s conclusion did nothing to excite me for next week’s episode. With only three episodes left in the entire season (seven less than last season’s number of episodes), it’s very clear that Disney realizes they dropped the ball on Star Wars: Resistance.

Feeling completely separate from the story of the Sequel Trilogy, Star Wars: Resistance is starting to seem more and more like a waste of time. Of course, you must be asking yourself, “If I’m so annoyed with this show then why am I still watching it?”

Well, I’m a true-blue Star Wars fan. Even when something is pretty awful I still am hanging along with the ride to see where the story is trying to head. And with Kylo Ren’s appearance imminent at some point in the upcoming final three episodes, I might as well finish this story.

I’m giving this episode 85 out of 100 and 3 out of 5 stars.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day. May the Force be with you.

Episode X: The Reckoning: Chapter Fourteen

Rose knew that Finn’s way of providing for them as a family over the recent years hadn’t been under the best circumstances. Changing his name to Najor, he roamed the galaxy as a typical smuggler looking for work. He had to work with crime syndicates and overall, bad people, to make a living; a living that he wasn’t proud of in the slightest.

But it was the way things were. It was how they were able to raise their children in relative peace as the wickedness of the galaxy revolved around them.

Whenever he returned from work he never liked to talk about his ventures. He only presented their children with gifts and showered Rose in grateful kisses. But she could always sense that there was a deep sadness within him. A sadness that would never go away. Continue reading Episode X: The Reckoning: Chapter Fourteen