Episode X: The Reckoning: Chapter Fifteen

Trash was their destination. It sounded like just the place Trish would want to call home…if there was ever a chance she could settle down. But upon reaching the planet, she was beginning to refrain from wanting to live in such a place.

The planet was a putrid landscape of towering brown hills covered in the garbage under an acrid yellowish-brown sky. Pools of festering liquid of all sorts of nose-wrinkling colors dotted the disgusting wasteland. Poe directed the croaking vessel toward a small town set in the middle of the planet’s hilly terrain. The town consisted of ramshackle buildings that seemed to be built from the very garbage covering the tiny mountains.

John Skywalker was directing Poe to the landing pad when an engine fizzled out. The ship plunged from the sky, sending them weightless.

“Hold on!” Dameron yelled as he tried to direct the plummeting craft toward one of the hills instead of the unsuspecting town.

Trish was once again struck in awe by Poe Dameron’s flying as he perfectly landed the craft on the side of one of the hills, pulling the controls back as he slowed their slide down the mountain. The craft eventually came to a stop at the bottom of the hill, rocking them in their seats but not harming them. She looked at Dameron with admiration.

“I am impressed,” she told him.

Poe winked at her.

“We’re not out of trouble yet,” Keeli Calrissian said, unholstering her two blasters.

John Skywalker took out his own blaster, following Calrissian out of the ship. Poe Dameron looked at Trish, cocking his head.

“Let’s see what we’ll have to face out there,” Poe Dameron said.

She grabbed her blaster, smiling roguishly at him. “I’m ready for anything.”

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