It’s Nine Days Away from ‘The Rise of Skywalker’!

To celebrate the ten-day milestone to The Rise of Skywalker I shared four posters for The Phantom Menace, which was very fun by the way. Today I share a few posters for Attack of the Clones. Enjoy!

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Episode X: The Reckoning: Chapter Sixteen

Ben Solo could feel the enemy coming. It arrived like a surge of wind rushing across the plains, surrounding him and the teenagers in its vicious gust. He held up his hand, using the Force to keep the invisible predator at bay. Whatever it was was truly powerful.

His hand trembled and his teeth gritted as he strained against the mysterious opponent. And then he heard a scream. He looked to find little Mimi being sucked into the whirlwind of darkness that surrounded them. He hurriedly outstretched one hand toward her, trying to hold onto her with the power of the Force. The other teenagers; the red-haired leader Terra, the tall, dark-skinned girl Dusaachae, the blond-haired boy Gwent, and the shortest of the teenagers, spiky-haired and slanted-eyed Limor, rushed to her, grabbing her and holding onto her for dear life.

“Please! Don’t let me go!” she screamed, tears streaming from her eyes.

Ben felt the anger that he had learned to dampen over the years surge within him. The enemy seeking to destroy them seemed to notice his strength increasing and abated.

So you are still in there, he heard a voice unrecognizable to be a male or female whisper in his ear. He could feel it near him. Kylo Ren.

As quickly as the evil presence had arrived it darted away, heading across the plains. He fell to his knees, breathing heavily. His hands were quivering and his thoughts were filled with the memories of his haunting past. He balled his hands into fists, preventing his hands from trembling anymore.

He looked up to find Mimi curled in a heap of tears, surrounded by her fellow teenagers. He stood, walking over to with his slightly limped gait. The teenagers parted for him to approach her. He placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

Terra swallowed caramel-skinned Mimi in her grasp. “Is she okay? What do you think?”

He gulped. “Please. Allow me to help.”

“I saw my parents again,” Mimi obliged. “I saw them in the mist.”

“It’s a trick. A trick created by the dark side of the Force.”

“You think she doesn’t know that?” Dusaachae asked, towering over him as she stood. “All of us have lost our parents. All of us know that our parents are dead. She knows that what she was shown was a trick.”

“Why would this enemy do such a thing?” Limor asked, shaking his head.

Ben’s expression saddened. “The dark side of the Force shows us what we want most dearly to get in our heads. To break the weak and promise power to the greedy.” His head dropped. “I was once influenced by the dark side and its ways.”

The teenagers looked at him.

“So that’s why your lightsaber is red,” blond-haired Gwent realized.

He nodded. He looked at his hands as he unfurled his fists. “The dark side still courses through my veins but I have learned to control it.”

He stood, reaching toward Mimi. “It’s how I will keep all of you safe.”

Mimi warily gazed at him for a second before wiping the tears from her eyes and taking his hand, allowing him to help her stand.

“We must get moving,” he told them, looking at the sky. “We’re not safe here.”

With that, they continued on. And as they did Ben Solo couldn’t shake the feeling that the worse was yet to come.