It’s Six Days Away from ‘The Rise of Skywalker’!

Yesterday I highlighted the posters for Solo: A Star Wars Story and Rogue One. Today it’s time to look at the posters for A New Hope. Enjoy!


This is an international poster and while I can’t read what the words are saying this is a very interesting looking poster. Continue reading It’s Six Days Away from ‘The Rise of Skywalker’!

Why ‘The Avengers’ Worked and ‘Justice League’ Didn’t

The Avengers and Justice League; two ensemble superhero movies that saw some of our favorite heroes team up to fight a daunting foe. One movie is under Marvel Studios–a goliath franchise who has slowly but surely amounted a hefty following and appreciation around the world. The other movie is under the DC Extended Universe–a Marvel Studios wannabe who keeps trying to snag a bit of the essence Marvel Studios has illustrated so eloquently over the years.

Unlike Marvel Studios, the producers and minds behind the DC Extended Universe rushed events, resulting in poorly made films that have become blights among superhero movies.


The first DCEU movie was 2013’s Man of Steel which set to introduce a flying red-cape wearing superhero in the vein of Marvel Studios’ first feature film highlighting a red-armor-wearing, flying billionaire.

Four years later, after a few more poorly-reviewed DCEU movies, they decided to unleash Justice League onto the world and it was met with more disdain and bad reviews. Continue reading Why ‘The Avengers’ Worked and ‘Justice League’ Didn’t

Woah, Woah, Woah: My Thoughts on the Latest Episode of ‘Survivor: Island of the Idols’

Karishma was finally voted off the tribe in the last episode after several long weeks, leaving the tribemates of Lumuwaku with a very easy decision for their next tribal council; either get out Elaine, Janet, or Dean. Of course, things don’t go as smoothly as the players always plan and it wasn’t long before the drama in the episode began to turn up a notch.

I’ve been saying it for weeks now. Dean is the one to watch. Ever since he was targeted after his fellow tribemates voted his island girlfriend off of the island after realizing her and she were quickly becoming a power couple he practically turned into a chameleon, blending into his surroundings and letting the various players pull him along for every vote. The players began to see him as a harmless goat but I knew otherwise.

Dean is dangerous and could potentially win the game. This was confirmed when he was chosen to go the Island of the Idols where he was given a game of chance to get him further in the game. He won the game of chance and received an Idol Nullifier, a twist that could very well send Janet packing considering that she has an Immunity Idol.

And it seems like his fellow tribemate, Tommy, might be finally realizing how scary Dean actually is. But what happens as Tommy prepares to gear up for an epic blindside that would result in Dan’s being voted off of the island? Dean wins the Immunity Challenge, securing him a spot for the top seven.

Suddenly, Dean doesn’t seem so harmless anymore, does he?

There was a bit of drama as the suspense on whether Noura would end up going home hung in the air but Elaine would ultimately get voted out after belting out a heartfelt speech about how Survivor has helped her.

And then, just when the episode seemed to be extending to a two-hour affair, Jeff Probst walked up to the tribe and announced that Dan had been evicted from the show. The joy I felt was substantial. I mean, I literally jumped in the air and pumped my fist with happiness.

And yes, I know that Dan should’ve been ejected off of the show weeks ago when Kelly presented her accusations against him for unwanted touching but I’m just relieved that he has no chance of affecting the jury or potentially sitting there at the final tribal council.

This season has had a lot of firsts, some bad, some good, but one thing’s for certain, this season will be one to remember for a while.

Next week is the season finale and honestly, I have no idea who is going to win. As of right now, I’m cheering for either Lauren, Janet, or Dean to win but we’ll see what happens. It should be a thrilling conclusion to an epic season.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day.

Episode X: The Reckoning: Chapter Nineteen

Keeli Calrissian had seen many strange worlds over her travels but none quite so odd as Trash. Exiting their crashed vessel, her gaze took in the massive mounds of garbage that surrounded them under the revolting brown sky. It didn’t help matters that the air seemed almost toxic to breathe it was so putrid. Continue reading Episode X: The Reckoning: Chapter Nineteen