QI’RA: A Rebel Rises Hits the Pause Button

Earlier this year when I completed my fanfiction series, QI’RA, I announced that its sequel would arrive on December 15. At the time, I had forgotten that my sequel to Episode X: The Chosen One, was also set to arrive in November-December, meaning I would have a lot on my plate.

As someone who prefers quality over quantity I would like to afford you, my readers, the same luxury. As I find myself embroiled in the storytelling of Episode X: The Reckoning, I feel that I will harm an equally fascinating story in QI’RA: A Rebel Rises by trying to write it at the same time. So…I am sad but forced to announce that QI’RA: A Rebel Rises will, like The Dark Knight Lives, have to wait until this current story concludes.

I thank you for reading my stories and I hope you have a spectacular day. May the Force be with you, always.

The New York Times Has a Post Every ‘Star Wars’ Fan Should Read

The New York Times has some of my favorite movie reviews out there and so it was no time before I hurried to their site to see what they had to say about the latest Star Wars film. But along the way, I ran into this: ‘Star Wars’ Episodes I-IX, as New York Critics Saw Them.

Um…awesome! I had to read it. And it was nothing short of fascinating. Star Wars from the view of a New York Times Critic is something else. There are movies that are viewed with joy and love and others that considered with downright disgust. I urge to you read this post because it truly is a delight.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day. May the Force be with you.

Reflection: Kanan Jarrus

Kanan Jarrus has easily become one of my favorite Star Wars characters of all time. With a riveting storyline that reaches a grim but satisfactory ending, Kanan has a greater storyline than nearly every character in the franchise. I mean, he’s absolutely SPECTACULAR! But what makes him even more fascinating are the characters that he echoes.

Whether we’re talking about his Han Solo-esque charm and roguishness, his Qui-Gon Jinn-like appearance and benevolence, or his storyline that greatly resembles Finn’s at times, Kanan Jarrus is a myriad of interesting characters and their traits blending into a Jedi knight who is easily one of the greatest additions to the franchise…for sure! So, with no further delay, here’s a closer look at how Kanan connects with these beloved Star Wars characters. Continue reading Reflection: Kanan Jarrus

Episode X: The Reckoning: Chapter Twenty-Six

R2-D2 was quite an impressive little droid, Ora was beginning to learn. C-3PO, on the other hand, was beginning to quickly grate on her nerves.

He constantly rattled on about seemingly insignificant facts and his entire story since the old days before the beginning of the Clone Wars that her mother used to tell her about. At first, she was intrigued and listened attentively. And then her interest in his talking backfired as his storytelling refused to cease. BB-8 and R2-D2 seemed to share her exasperation as they whistled and beeped amongst themselves the longer he spoke.

And throughout all of this, she couldn’t help continuing to think about how she had failed. How the powerful weapon that she found on Ptdne hadn’t come to her aid. All of the Jedi ghosts and the Sith spirits, they had been there, looking at her, talking to her. And when she needed them most, they disappeared, leaving her at the mercy of The Whisper’s power.

Why? What did she have to prove?

“Will you excuse me?” she suddenly said, rising from her seat. Continue reading Episode X: The Reckoning: Chapter Twenty-Six