Daisy Ridley/Rey and John Boyega/Finn: The Faces of the New Jedi Order

I can’t believe it. It happened! After the events of The Rise of Skywalker, it seems very apparent that Rey and Finn will most likely herald in a new era of Jedi and I am beyond excited.

Rey's Quarterstaff

They started this incredible journey together, both as orphans trying to make their way in the galaxy. They became best friends, they went through such incredible self-exploration that drove them apart and brought them back together again, and then, at the end of their journies, they would be brought together again in eternal bondage.

Rey would be a Jedi Knight who had found her identity. Finn would discover that he had the Force and embrace its power in a subtle but important way.

When The Rise of Skywalker came to an end, they would both survive the outcome of the war, meaning we could very well see them as the leaders of the Jedi Order in the near future.


And just like Rey and Finn, Daisy and John have partaken their own personal journies. They were lucky enough to become the new faces of the franchise; a white woman and a black man, which was previously never before seen in Star Wars.

There have been ups and downs but overall, they have been graceful in their handling of society, growing fame, and the responsibility to inspire generations who will look up to them for their roles in these movies.

The Rise of Skywalker was supposedly the end of their trip to a galaxy far, far away but J.J Abrams ensured that the story would indeed live on forever. Meaning in several years we could very well see Ridley and Boyega reprise their roles as Rey and Finn as two Jedi Knights.

My sister and I are very excited about this prospect. So excited, in fact, that my sister has drawn a concept of what they could look like as two Jedi Knights of the new Jedi Order. Here it is.


Um…wow! This is amazing. Finn and Rey look so awesome protecting what will be a new generation of those ready to serve the Light. What new rules will this Jedi Order induct to keep young ones from feeling that the Jedi religion is too strict? Allowing students to love, considering that both Finn and Rey have had their romantic ventures before. Teaching them that the dark side isn’t entirely evil if controlled. Ooh, the possibilities are endless!

As you can probably tell, I’m very excited to see what happens next with their storylines. Hopefully, it has something to do with the new movie that will be announced this month at some point.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a glorious day. May the Force be with you.


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