Ranking Spider-Man’s Villains

Every superhero has an archnemesis. Superman has Lex Luthor. Batman has the Joker. Captain America has Red Skull. Iron Man has…well, I guess, Whiplash or whoever. Black Panther has M’Baku or Erik Killmonger. Thor has Loki. And so on and so on. But Spider-Man. Spider-Man has a bunch of antagonists who are all equally fascinating. In fact, Spider-Man has my favorite superhero villains, by far.

Every antagonist that he faces is at the nth degree of coolness and so today, I wanted to rank all of Spider-Man’s villains (that I know of.) Enjoy!

11. Electro


Jamie Foxx was cast as Max Dillon/Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and while the character in the comics and cartoons is really cool, the big-screen adaptation of Electro was pretty horrendous. In fact, he’s my least favorite superhero villain in a movie of all time.

Jamie Foxx is a great actor but not even he could inject anything good into this role.

10. Tombstone


My first introduction to Tombstone was via Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and he was expectedly interesting. I would like to see him again in further stories.

9. Scorpion


I was also introduced to Scorpion for the first time with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and I thought he was a very cool character. Spider-Man: Homecoming also teased Scorpion’s debut in the MCU via post-credit scene, which could be interesting for Spider-Man 3 come 2021.

8. The Vulture


I didn’t know anything about The Vulture until Spider-Man: Homecoming but I immediately liked the character a lot. Plus, Michael Keaton in the role was a great casting choice. Hopefully, he returns for revenge in Spider-Man 3 as part of the Sinister Six.

7. Green Goblin


I loved the Green Goblin as a kid. I love this character as an adult.

6. Hobgoblin


I never could distinguish the difference between Hobgoblin and Green Goblin but after some recent research, I’m definitely a Hobgoblin. Him and those exploding pumpkins.

5. The Prowler


I loved The Prowler in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. His design was very cool and his skills were rather impressive. He’s one of the reasons why I love the film.

4. Kingpin


Kingpin is iconic for a reason. I thought he was such an awesome character as a child and even his smaller role in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was special.

3. Venom


Venom vs. Spider-Man is going to happen. It’s just a matter of when. That’s going to be one of the greatest showdowns on the big screen, for sure. But even before that imminent duel of the ages, Venom is just cool as he is. Sadistically, horrifically cool.

2. Mysterio


I knew next to nothing about Mysterio until Spider-Man: Far from Home and I was subsequently blown away. Jake Gyllenhaal’s role as Quentin Beck was perfect casting and his ability to distort reality through special effects was unlike anything I’d seen before. I’m hoping my theory that he’s actually still alive and will return for revenge in Spider-Man 3 as an asset to the Sinister Six will be true because that will be VERY COOL!

1. Doctor Octopus


Yep, Doctor Octopus is hands down my favorite Spider-Man villain. There’s no reason why he’s my favorite other than the fact that he has always made me so happy since I was a little girl. I’m hoping we get to see Doc Ock in the MCU because that would be fantastic!

So, this is how I rank Spider-Man’s antagonists. This was such a fun post to write.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.


6 thoughts on “Ranking Spider-Man’s Villains”

  1. A good list Annlyel but you missed off “The Vulture” and “Kane The Hunter”. They appeared in an early 80’s comic book annual that I got for Christmas as a Youngling, so they may not be considered canon anymore but they were cool too.

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    1. Well, Kane the Hunter, I haven’t seen him it yet, in live-action or animated. As for The Vulture. I have him listed on this ranking at #8 for Michael Keaton’s interpretation of the character in Spider-Man: Homecoming. I’m glad you liked the post.

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  2. My bad! I was feeling a little groggy after taking a painkiller so I missed Vulture at no.8. I am so used to seeing the comic book version with Vulture in a green fabric suit (with white feathered collar) and with a bald head I didn’t recognise the exo-suited Michael Keaton.
    I’ll know in future not to comment or post when I’m not operating at 100%! (plus I’m getting old)

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  3. Hobgoblin is my wish for a Sam Raimi Spider-Man 4. It’s not too likely because Sam likes the 1960s villains. But Hobgoblin really should be introduced after the Green Goblin, and Sam’s trilogy already used Green Goblin, so he’s set up for it. Also, the dream casting would be Leonardo Dicaprio as the Hobgoblin. The comics origin of Hobgoblin kind of bounced around and changed a lot, but I see him as a wealthy socialite type of guy who ends up stealing the Green Goblin’s technology to do crime. As in the comics, the movie should present it as a mystery who he is so neither Peter nor the audience knows at first. Peter would be older at this point, and could be working on scientific research for Dicaprio, so that they’re on friendly terms. Maybe Dicaprio loses his fortune with some crashed investments, and starts using the Goblin technology to steal and extort people, and falls deeper into madness. Sam Raimi actually worked with Dicaprio on Quick and the Dead, and Maguire and Dicaprio are supposed to be friends. So maybe they could talk him into doing the movie.

    Originally, Raimi’s plans for Spider-Man 4 were Vulture played by John Malkovich with a henchwoman played by Anne Hathaway, and a cameo by Bruce Campbell playing Mysterio. The Lizard was also talked about as a possibility.

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