Was Kylo Ren’s Conclusion Rewarding or Disappointing?

Kylo Ren. He was my favorite character of the trilogy, hands down. He was just so…cool! Dressed in black, wielding a crossguard red lightsaber that crackled, armed with a fierce temper and plenty of lovable inner conflict, Kylo was the character that I was most interested in. And then The Rise of Skywalker happened.

Suddenly, this character who had the most intriguing storyline of anyone in the Sequel Trilogy was reduced to wearing a ridiculous mask covered in red lines, Force-skyping his lady friend like a creepy stalker, and becoming Ben Solo for a maximum of maybe five minutes. Why J.J?!


Anakin’s fall from grace and eventual redemption as Darth Vader was beautifully told (even if you may despise the prequels), giving him the conclusion he deserved. Seeing Luke Skywalker standing before that bonfire with Darth Vader’s burning in tribute is not only one of the best shots in all of Star Wars but it feels so emotionally moving.

Kylo Ren didn’t get this. Continue reading Was Kylo Ren’s Conclusion Rewarding or Disappointing?

Episode X: The Reckoning: Chapter Forty

John Skywalker felt immense dread as he watched the Lances approaching with that incessant whine that, to a soldier’s ears, could give one a nightmarish memory. That’s what happened to Skywalker as he recalled the dozens of regiments under his command torn apart by those brutal weapons.

“Scatter!” Keeli Calrissian yelled, startling her Sarski into a panicked run for cover.

Skywalker did as she commanded, turning his mount to the left as he hurried deeper into the facility. Trish held onto his waist tightly as they scrambled from the fighters’ firepower.

There was the heart-pounding noise of a lethal barrage that fired where they had just been located. He didn’t look back. He was only determined that they stay alive. Continue reading Episode X: The Reckoning: Chapter Forty