‘Star Wars: Resistance’ Delivers Two Episodes This Week

I forgot to write a review for last week’s episode of Star Wars: Resistance because, well, it was boring. Goofy and easily predictable, The Mutiny was somewhat intriguing but overall, I was bored. And then, this week’s two episodes (yes, two) arrived and of course, I decided to watch them.

The first episode, Episode 14: The New World, was actually really, really cool. The Colossus ended up finding a planet they could finally settle down in named Aeos Prime and it was home to a very interesting alien race that was native to the primordial ocean planet.

This was the first episode in a long while that actually made me very happy. The humor was actually funny, the scenarios were riveting, and by the end, I felt like I had seen something worth watching.

Then the second episode of this week’s two-episode header (No Place Safe) devolved right back into the same, tiring formula. The Colossus was in trouble, the First Order was on the brink of apprehending the heroes, and everyone got away just in time. Honestly, how many more times can the same thing happen over and over again before one’s brain feels like mush because it’s just that boring to watch.

Star Wars: Resistance had every chance to be a really fun and creative show but it’s become something that I can’t wait to end. The Clone Wars is arriving next month which will be a breath of fresh air compared to this cartoon. Gosh, it’s tiring.

I’ll give The New World a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars because it was surprisingly really, really good. And I’ll give No Place Safe 3 out of 5 stars simply because it wasn’t exactly a bad episode. It was just repetitive.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day. May the Force be with you.

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