The Dark Knight Lives (TWENTY-FOUR)

Rain falls in Gotham City, adding a morbid tone to the already morose day. It was December 1, Batman Day, and for the past seven years during this special time of commemoration, millions of the city’s inhabitants gathered throughout Gotham to honor their fallen hero, Batman. Once hated for a crime he didn’t commit and now loved for a sacrifice that saved their very existence, Batman was viewed as a symbol of strength, hope, and the courage to continue fighting against those threatening to bring evil back to Gotham.

His statue, standing in the very center of Gotham Park, was that beacon of fortitude that could never be broken. And directly beneath it, standing without umbrellas in the pouring rain, was a line of police officers dressed in their best uniforms and Lieutenant Lynx. With a morose expression upon her face, she stood on stage before a microphone, surveying the tens of thousands of faces staring back at her. Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (TWENTY-FOUR)