‘Mulan’ Features Six Amazing Posters

I cannot fully express to you how EXCITED I am for Mulan. I already loved the cartoon but the trailer for the live-action version has utterly blown me away. And now six fascinating character posters have arrived. Here they are.

The Emperor


Famous actor Jet Li portrays The Emperor in this fascinating poster. Continue reading ‘Mulan’ Features Six Amazing Posters

Who’s Your Favorite Chris?

As you may know, there are four prominent Chris’s in Hollywood, all of which have starred in superhero movies; Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, and Chris Pine. These four Chris’s have been in our eyeballs in some of the biggest blockbusters of all time for years and yet everyone has their favorite Chris. That’s why I thought it would be the perfect topic for this week’s Who’s Your Favorite?

Chris Hemsworth


Before Thor in 2011 Chris Hemsworth wasn’t a household name. The Australian actor, however, would immediately rise to Hollywood fame as he took a superhero popular among Marvel fans and brought him to the big screen in a faithful adaptation of the character. Plus, plenty of people were captivated by the actor’s impressive physique, which has been on full display in his various shirt off scenes throughout nearly every movie that he has ever been in.


Now, eight years later, he’s still providing people plenty of joy with his role as Thor in the Marvel movies and his recent role in Men in Black: International. Continue reading Who’s Your Favorite Chris?

The Dark Knight Lives (TWENTY-EIGHT)

Blake Lively could not seem to shake the fact that he had seen Mr. Goldman before. In Gotham Park, he had stood a distance away from the stage but there was a disturbing familiarity to Mr. Tom Goldman that had his brain throbbing with frustration.

He tried to let go of his worries as he stood in the lobby of the orphanage that the Wayne Manor now housed. Behind him, he could hear the voices of children permeating the walls of the mansion. It brought him memories of when he used to be an orphan. Those years of his life hadn’t brought the fondest memories but…there were memories that he recalled with joy. Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (TWENTY-EIGHT)