My Review of ‘The Lion King’

The reboot of The Lion King was one of the highest-grossing films last year, making just north of $1.6 billion but was met with mixed reviews. While the visuals were praised immensely the main consensus was that The Lion King was a tired rehash of the previous film. As I watched the movie last night for the first time on Disney+ I was excited.

After my recent viewing of Aladdin which turned out to be quite the treat, I was expecting the same level of joy from The Lion King. And I was having a great time…until I wasn’t.


The first half wowed me, leaving me staring at the screen stricken with awe. Yes, it was very repetitive of the original film but guess what, The Lion King is perfect. No reason to try to get fancy and change something that is so fantastic. It was the second half of the film that left me with a bit of a bad taste in my mouth.

More scenes were afforded to Nala but unlike the modern twist provided for Jasmine, which I LOVED, these extra scenes felt unwarranted and kind of not that great. And don’t get me started on the inclusion of Beyonce’s original song for the film, “Spirit.” The actual song is really fantastic but the way it was featured in the movie felt corny, out of place, and ruined literally my favorite moment in the film.


Chiwetel Ejiofor’s portrayal of Scar wasn’t terrible but he wasn’t able to outshine Jermy Iron’s rendition of the iconic Disney villain. And his version of “Be Prepared” was almost painful to watch and listen to. Yikes.

All in all, while the movie was exceptionally beautiful I was so peeved by the second half of the film that as soon as the movie ended I went to the original and rewatched the last twenty minutes to wash away the sour taste in my mouth.

So, on that note, I’m giving this film 4 out of 5 stars and 87 out of 100. It’s not bad but it isn’t great either.

The film is currently available to rent digitally or stream on Disney Plus.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

3 thoughts on “My Review of ‘The Lion King’”

  1. Good to know that there are more people who didn’t think the remake wasn’t trying as hard (okay, maybe in the CGI, but it’s whatever).

    I didn’t see this remake and it annoyed me how Disney called it a “live action remake” when it is just realistic CGI. I used to really like The Lion King when I was a child, but I despise it as an adult. This movie plagiarized the 60s anime Kimba the White Lion, trademarked “Hakuna Matata” from the Swahili-phone cultures in Africa, stole “Mbube” from Solomon Linda with “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” (watch The Lion’s Share about that issue), and I couldn’t stand the racist implications of the hyenas. I swear that’s how Disney (and certain fans) sees most black people anyway and the elephant graveyard situation is harsher in hindsight if you research the Congolese Genocide or the Namibian Genocide for example where Africans got starved out and isolated.

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