The Dark Knight Lives (THIRTY-TWO)

A change was coming to Gotham. A change that was transpiring through the very characters of this story.

Robin returned to his secret base to find Gloria awaiting him, clad in her newly designed suit. She was expectedly impressive in the tight black suit that had a symbol of a bird embroidered in dark blue cloth across the bodice of the outfit. Across her eyes, a dark blue mask sat with eyeholes that revealed her normal brown eyes.

“And what does the bird symbolize?” he asked.

She smiled. “As a child, I was always fascinated with ravens. Their black feathers, their size, their bold cries. I’d like to embody that.”

“You have a name?”

Her smile widened. “Nightwing.”

Commissioner Lynx sat in her office, a sense of hope filling her breast. Yes, terrible things had happened, but from the horror, a new hero had risen in the newcomer, Kate. With Kate’s help maybe they could finally be rid of The Penguin and his games.

And there was always Robin as well, or as she now more personally knew him, Blake Lively.

Something had changed in her perception of Blake. For the longest time, she had never considered him to be a real hero. Batman had stopped crime in its track and quelled the rise of those who may have wanted to bring harm and corruption to the city. Robin helped sustain what Batman had done for Gotham but the city hadn’t gotten any better. And she saw the children who lost their parents to gun violence, the young women assaulted by brutish hooligans who lurked in the streets. Where had Robin been to save them?

Now, she understood that her misgivings about him were wrong. That he was trying to uphold Batman’s legacy with every fiber of his being and now she could appreciate that.

She hadn’t realized how much she had grown to care for him until she believed he was dead yesterday. The realization of the fear that she felt knowing he could be gone forever had struck her like a thunderbolt and now, now she was beginning to wonder what that fear truly meant.

She held her arms, remembering his assuring touch and knew that whatever was coming their way they would be ready.

Katherine climbed the stairs to her apartment, the information about the potential lead to The Penguin filling her with a vigorous fervor. She wanted to stay out, to follow up on her lead and find that crime boss named Harley and get him to talk. But Commissioner Lynx was right. The mayor and commissioner needed to be buried before anything drastic was approached.

Just as she reached the door to her apartment, the door across the hall opened, revealing her neighbor Marcon. When he saw her he smiled.

“Katherine, it’s so good to see you again. How is everything going?” he asked.

She smiled. It was nice knowing someone cared about her as much as he did.

“I’ve been better. I…had time to mourn but we have to move on. I don’t think my brother would be very pleased if he found out I was huddled up in the apartment every day.”

He chuckled. “I’m sure he wouldn’t.”

There was a bit of awkward silence before he asked, “Um, seeing that you’re out, would you like to get a bite to eat, maybe a drink?”

She paused, weighing her options. If she stayed in her home what would she do? Wallow in her grief about her deceased family, watch television until she fell asleep, constantly fret about The Penguin and what he could do to Gotham?

That seemed like a miserable evening.

So, she turned to Marcon and smiled.

“Sure. Why not?”

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