‘Black Widow’ Gets Some Character Posters

Black Widow is coming out in a few months, as you may know, and Marvel Studios is making sure we don’t forget that fact by continuously releasing more television spots, some behind-the-scenes clips, and now we’ve got more posters. Character posters! Here they are.

Red Guardian


Smiling, as always, Red Guardian graces this poster in a somewhat heroic-looking manner.

Melina Vostakoff


Villain! I’m telling you, whether she’s Taskmaster or not, she is definitely going to be one of the villains in this movie. I can just feel it.

Yelena Belova


The main thing I’m noticing with this poster is that her vest is very similar to the same style vest Black Widow in Infinity War.



Black Widow


Black Widow’s style is always changing and I happened to notice that once again they’ve added a new style to Black Widow’s long list of looks. You see all of the earrings on her ear. This provides her a harder appearance, showcasing just how much different she’s going to be in this film compared to the other MCU stories we’ve seen with her. Very interesting.

Of these four posters, Black Widow’s is definitely my favorite. What’s your favorite poster? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.

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