The Dark Knight Lives (THIRTY-SEVEN)

The next few days passed by like a blur for Commissioner Lynx. So much sorrow had targeted Gotham in a short span of time with four prominent figures in Gotham’s elite society, Mayor Barber Anistello, and Commissioner Gordon all becoming victims to the mysterious Penguin’s violent escapades, leaving her as the city’s new de facto head of justice. And then Mr. Tom Goldman assumed the role as Mayor and everything changed. Even the sun had returned, bathing the city in a light that the citizens of Gotham desperately needed.

It was as if the darkness of the past week had been washed away and order had returned. Order in the form of a wealthy businessman whose main priority was to help the people. Yet, beneath this veil of hope and joy lied an ugliness that was still very present.

Crime had not lowered but had only intensified, making Lynx’s daily job all the more tiring. Her new ally, the woman in black named Kate, was trying to slow the city’s rise in villainy by going after the source, another big-time crime lord names Charles Putton, but she was learning fast that’s not how things worked in Gotham and Lynx was starting to realize she wasn’t entirely a person she could rely on.

Robin had disappeared, as he often did, leaving Lynx to wonder what he was doing.

And that left Commissioner Lynx, wondering whether she should truly trust the mayor or not, all while preparing for a funeral she didn’t imagine having to attend so soon; Commissioner Gordon’s funeral.

Mayor Goldman had already announced that he would host a massive event in the honor of young Mayor Barber Anistello. Commissioner Lynx didn’t understand his motive, considering that the young Mayor had only been in office for a few months, a span of time that didn’t condone such celebration, but once again, the prospect of such a celebration had only risen the spirits of the Gothamites and Lynx at least appreciated that.

But the thought of having to put Commissioner Gordon into the ground tomorrow only made the sorrow she had felt the moment she found him dead in the depot resurface. That pain hurt and she wanted to be rid of it.

It’s why she was standing at the top of the depot by the spotlight that at one time was used to signal Batman in case Gordon ever needed aid.

Robin didn’t have a signal. He just showed up when people needed him. It made him a lot more difficult to contact.

Sometimes Lynx dreamed of stepping onto the rooftop to find the signal lit, bathing the clouds in the sky in the iconic Bat-signal of the dark knight. But of course, that was just a dream. A figment of her imagination conjured when she was feeling psychologically at her most desperate.

She ran her fingers over the repaired Bat-signal, imagining pulling the lever to turn it on, before sighing.

Batman was gone, Commissioner Gordon was gone, and The Penguin was still out there. Who was he and what other terror did he have up his sleeve?

Commissioner Lynx didn’t want to know.

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