Throwback Friday: Captain Jack Sparrow Is One of My Favorite Movie Characters of All Time

Captain. Jack. Sparrow. This character that has helmed five movies which have made a culmination of $4,524,000,000 (wait a minute! Let me pause right there. This franchise has made 4 and a half billion dollars?! No wonder Disney is trying to reboot this franchise.) is a major part of the reason why I love these movies so much.

I don’t watch the Pirates of the Caribbean films often but every so often I get the urge to dabble in the world of pirates and Krakens and ancient pirate myths brought to life and it’s so much fun. Just the other night I watched Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and I honestly had a blast. It may not be the easiest film to follow at times but it is quite the adventure.

As I watched the film I couldn’t help but remember why I love Captain Jack Sparrow so much.


He’s so absolutely comical at times with his hilarious attitude. He’s a pirate through and through (that’s obviously due to his love of rum) but he’s also a great captain who participates on some of the wildest adventures the pirating world has to offer.

I think I love Jack Sparrow so much because he’s such a unique character as well. His brain doesn’t think very straightforward and yet at times he’s the only one who thinks sensibly…if that makes any sense.


He finds himself in and out of some of the wildest scenarios on a daily basis and he always provides me with a sense of sheer happiness whenever I watch him.

I haven’t seen all of Johnny Depp’s roles but I’m going to say Captain Jack Sparrow is the best role he has ever portrayed. He plays the role so perfectly that it’s really just marveling to watch.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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