The Dark Knight Lives (FIFTY-SIX)

The early morning, alive with the feverish buzz of Gotham’s citizens following the return of the city’s beloved knight, Batman, had left The Penguin seized in a fit of anxiety. The late morning, however, brought great news he wasn’t expecting.

After days apart from his dangerous female partners, Harley Quinn and Pamela Isley they returned, not as failures, but with the information he needed to get rid of his current greatest enemy; Robin.

Clasping his hands as he sat behind the desk in his office, he rocked back and forth in his rotating chair, thinking carefully. “Today is a big day for us,” he began.

“And we cannot squander this opportunity,” Isley reminded him.

He nodded. “Agreed…but…we have to do this the right way. Batman has returned, meaning our order of operations has to be tighter. If we make one mistake, if we act too fast, everything that I have worked so hard to create will be destroyed.”

Harley sighed. “Just get to the point.”

The Penguin whipped a fierce glare at her before returning his attention to Pamela. “We have to wait.”

“Wait?” Pamela seemed shocked. “Every hour we waste bodes closer to the discovery of your true intentions, your real identity.”

“I know this but we cannot have the Commissioner attacked in broad daylight when everyone is looking…when Batman is looking. We have to set her up. And then, we’ll get Robin once and for all.”

“I’m not scared of Batman,” Harley announced.

He looked at her. “Well, you should be.”

She scoffed but didn’t object.

“We’ll get her but the right way. And it happens tonight.”

“How?” Pamela asked, crossing her arms. “If you’re so worried about Batman shouldn’t we avoid doing things during the night?”

The Penguin relaxed in the chair. “Oh, we’re going to do something. We’re going to blow up a hospital tonight.”

This plan seemed to even shock Pamela and Harley who were known to be ruthless at times.

“It’ll attract Batman’s attention and then, while the city is reeling, we take the Commissioner. Robin, if he is indeed in love with her as your intel suggests, will come to rescue her and then we kill him. It’s as simple as that.”

Pamela looked at him with a hard stare. “Sometimes even the simplest plans can go wrong.”

A hint of a smile touched his lips. “I trust that you can make sure this plan transpires accordingly.”

She left the room without another word. Harley leaned toward The Penguin, a wide grin painting her face in her classic maniacal glee.

“For the record, I like your plan. It has flair.” She giggled.

“I thank you for the support, Harley.”

She winked before turning and leaving the room. He stood, walking to the window to stare at the city that was now his empire.

Yes, he would control the very emotion of Gotham in his hands and slowly, ever so slowly, he would make this city pay. But first, he had a new mission, and it involved destroying Batman. Only then would Gotham truly be his to destroy.

He exhaled a confident breath as he pulled his perfectly tailored suit closer about him. He had a funeral to attend.

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