The Stormtroopers: Part 3

When another explosion killed three troopers just in front of FN-3043 he knew he had to act. He rose shakily to his feet, unclipping his blaster.

With weapon in hand he unsteadily ran toward the nearest cover he could find; a tree. From his momentary shelter, he was able to get a better look at the mayhem ensuing around him.

About a few hundred meters away he could see enemies cloaked in the shadow of night firing at his fellow troopers. Some of the enemies were screaming native cries and hurling what looked like blue balls of energy?

He nearly laughed at the absurdity of the colorful orbs rolling across the forest floor…until they came into contact with a few troopers.

FN-3043 stared in horror as the troopers screamed in agony, their white armored bodies covered in electricity.

One of the natives charged forward out of the forest wielding a shield imbued with a purple force field and a pike teeming with energy.

“For da Gungans!” the native yelled.

FN-3043 watched as the native downed trooper after trooper, using his pike and incredible agility with deadly efficiency.

And then, to 3043’s dismay, the native spotted him.

It charged him screaming at the top of its lungs.

He quickly raised his blaster, frantically shooting at the native but the alien warrior easily blocked the lasers with his shield.

FN-3043 hurriedly backed away from his attacker but his attacker was too fast.

The warrior launched at him and FN-3043 raised his hand, knowing that this was the end.

But then a laser blast suddenly shot a small hole straight through the attacker’s forehead from behind.

The warrior stopped just inches from FN-3043 and fell forward, dead.

3043 looked up to see his savior and was relieved to see comrade FN-2358 standing there.

Her helmet was off revealing her copper skin, dark hair, and slanted eyes.

FN-3043 released a long breath.

He was just about to thank her for saving his life when a nearby explosion threw them both to the ground, knocking them unconscious.

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