The Stormtroopers: Part 4

FN-3043 was being dragged. His eyes sprung open and all he could see were trees.

Wait a minute.

Something was odd.

He gasped. His helmet was gone. He immediately struggled against his captor, breaking free of their grasp.

As he hurriedly rose to fight for his life he was relieved to find FN-1217, whose helmet was also surprisingly gone.

FN-1217 was a dark-skinned man with locks fashioned into a single braid.

“Oh, it’s just you,” 3043 stated with relief.

1217 nodded sternly.

“I saw you and Two-Three in trouble so I had to do something. I got you both away just in time as the enemy was about to converge on your position.”

3043 looked at his surroundings and saw the fighting still taking place in the near distance.

“And why is my helmet gone?” 3043 asked.

“Because you were almost dead I had to breathe some life back into you. Hence, no helmet.”

3043 nodded as he rubbed a gloved hand through his short blond hair.

“It looks like I have both you and 2358 to thank for saving my life.”

FN-1217 gave him a small smile.

FN-2358, lying a few feet away, suddenly woke with a yelp. She hurriedly stood but when she noticed that they were somewhat safe she let out a long breath of relief.

“Oh, Seventeen,” she began breathlessly. “It’s good to see you’re okay.”

3043’s eyebrows furrowed. “Wait. What happened to everyone else in the shuttle?”

1217, dubbed Seventeen by his fellow troopers, looked down. “They’re dead. Caught in an explosion.”

The breath was knocked from FN-3043 as he slowly fell to his knees. The rest of the troopers were dead? As his eyes closed tears seeped from them.

Those had been his brothers and sisters. They had grown up with him. Fought in simulated battles with him. But they hadn’t been fortunate enough to make it past the landing.

As distant explosions shook the ground his head rose. His gaze took in the commotion coming from the forces on both sides trading blaster fire and his jaw clenched.

With a firm grip on his blaster, he stood.

“Let’s avenge our brothers and sisters.”

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